Exhibition ZABEGINA In GUM

Exhibition ZABEGINA In GUM
Exhibition ZABEGINA In GUM
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The year 2020 is a jubilee year for both Ekaterina Zabegina and her son Alexander Zabegin, who are working together on the development of the fashion brand ZABEGINA. An exhibition held in GUM with the support of the Russian Equestrian Federation and the Blackglama salon was dedicated to this event.

The business card of the ZABEGIN brand is silk scarves of exquisite handmade work and the use of the “Horses” theme in the design of clothes and accessories. The history of the company is deeply rooted in the equestrian industry and therefore the image of the horse is present in all collections.

Brand designer Yekaterina Zabegina is a winner of international competitions in Russia and France, a graduate of the Fashion Laboratory Vyacheslav Zaitseva, a participant in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia, Fashion Week in Moscow and Paris. Photographer and graphic designer Alexander Zabegin is known for his artwork for the world's leading hippodromes and equestrian clubs, as well as for creating designs for ZABEGINA fabrics.

The guests of the exhibition in GUM were presented with the works of Alexander Zabegin - photographs of horses taken in different years in different countries of the world, and art objects created by Catherine - drawings, collages and silk scarves, decorated in frames.

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