The Premiere Of The Film "Deadly News From Chukhloma" Directed By Yana Nedzvetskaya Took Place In Moscow

The Premiere Of The Film "Deadly News From Chukhloma" Directed By Yana Nedzvetskaya Took Place In Moscow
The Premiere Of The Film "Deadly News From Chukhloma" Directed By Yana Nedzvetskaya Took Place In Moscow
Video: The Premiere Of The Film "Deadly News From Chukhloma" Directed By Yana Nedzvetskaya Took Place In Moscow
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The other day at the Central House of Cinematographers, director Yana Nedzvetskaya presented a full-length film entitled “Deadly News from Chukhloma”. Many media persons came to see the picture: Ekaterina Andreeva, Maria Lemesheva, Angelina Vovk, Anna Churina, Marina Yakovleva, Elena Borshcheva, Anfisa Chernykh, Ekaterina Gudina, Alena Chekhova, Mikhail Kunitsyn, Valery Tugolukov, Anna Chicherova, Maria Romanova, Alisa Tolkacheva, Irina Sashina, Anna Buturlina, Maria Tarasevich, Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya, Ekaterina Direktorenko, Igor Razin. The film was shown for the first time in Russia, but the participants of the ASTI FILM FESTIVAL were able to get acquainted with the work back in 2019 in Italy, where the picture received a prize in the nomination "Best Foreign Film".

The picture was filmed in winter in the harsh realities of the north of Russia, having overcome two difficult expeditions to Soligalich and Chukhloma. The director's idea of ​​using real characters in the production of the film, the inhabitants of a small northern town playing themselves, conveys the effect of the presence and depth of the characters to the viewer. The plot of the picture is built around Mark, a stylist who has made an incredible career in Moscow. He comes to Chukhloma, where he was once born and raised, for only three days, but during this time many events take place that return the character to the "hell" of his childhood. The main roles were starred: Anna Churina, Marina Yakovleva, Mark Benzler, Serafim Dvurechensky, Niyaz Ospanbaev, Marfa Lemesheva, Viktor Neb. Director of photography Vasily Ocheretnyuk.

For Yana Nedzvetskaya, this project is not the first in which she, a famous Russian designer, acts as a director. In 2016, having abandoned the usual format for the presentation of clothes on the catwalk, she showed her new collection in a farmer's cowshed near Moscow. The result of this unusual idea was a short film entitled “What a Dead Rabbit Thinks About Fashion”, in the filming of which the actresses took part: Elena Ksenofontova, Liza Arzamasova, Alisa Selezneva and the soloists of the ballet “Moscow”: Mikhail and Sasha Kirshin. In 2017, Yana creates the film “Ben-Sira's Alphabet. Lilith ", which is based on the legend about the first wife of Adam - the beautiful Lilith. The shooting took place under water at the bottom of the Black Sea and was extreme, almost all the heroes of the tape had to jump from the height of the Tarkhankut cliff into the water.The picture has been awarded and received 11 awards at various international fashion festivals. In the same year, the short film "Hysteric" was "born" with the Olympic champion Anna Chicherova in the title role. In 2018, the painting "EXODUS 20" was created, which won 16 awards at festivals in Europe, USA, South Africa. The roles in this film were played by the actresses: Yulia Romashina and the very young Ksenia Kuleeva, who at the time of filming was only six years old.

It is easy to read this characteristic style and the designer's handwriting in the first full-length film directed by Yana Nedzvetskaya "Deadly News from Chukhloma". The picture was filmed in the Kostroma region in the cities of Chukhloma and Soligalich. The film is notable for the fact that when filming on two expeditions (to the north, to Soligalich, Chukhloma and in the distant Moscow region, the city of Ozyory), it was shot for a record low budget - 4.5 million rubles, including post production. Now, when the budgets of films have exceeded a billion, not every director can master this.

Films directed by Yana Nedzvetskaya stand out for their original script, creative filming structure, and detailed elaboration of each frame. This is a beautiful and high-quality movie, where, along with living heroes, two more separate characters are always visible - designer clothes, stylistically consistent in each scene, which gives the film special color proportions, and the unique nature of Russia.

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Photographers: Denis Shumov, Igor Kharitonov.

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