Tatiana Mikhalkova Presented The "Rare Specimen" To The Secular Capital

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Tatiana Mikhalkova Presented The "Rare Specimen" To The Secular Capital
Tatiana Mikhalkova Presented The "Rare Specimen" To The Secular Capital

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Video: Rare Specimen achievement [SPOILER] 2023, January

The 20th issue of the collection art calendar of the Russian Silhouette Charitable Foundation has been published. The presentation of the publication took place in the Museum "Collection" of David Yakobashvili. Every year, the Foundation reveals its vision of Russian art through artistic photography with the participation of famous actresses in the images of Russian designers.

The President of the Fund Tatyana Mikhalkova and its founder Alexander Mitroshenkov invited the unsurpassed St. Petersburg couturier Tatyana Parfenova to Moscow with the Haute Couture collection. To see the designer's work in the capital is as rare as the collection of cultural values ​​of the museum, where the presentation of the publication took place. Famous artists and stars of show business came to visit the photo exhibition of the art calendar and become a participant in the unique show TATYANPARFIONOV: Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Nadezhda and Artem Mikhalkov, Andrey Malakhov and Natalia Shkuleva, Yana Koshkina, Elena Zaitseva, Elena Nikalysheva, Irina Krutikova, Svetlana, Vladimir Zubets, Natalia Shustikova, Valery Belgorodsky, Vitaly Stavitsky, Galina Istomina, Anton Alfer, Alexandra Kaloshina, Lyudmila Ivanova and many others.

A romantic hurdy-gurdy, a painted box, a colorful canvas or maybe a golden cage? What kind of masterpiece of art would you be? For a brief moment, which was captured by the pages of the publication "Russian Silhouette", the heroines of the project turned into living exhibits of the rare collection of the Museum "Collection". Self-playing musical and mechanical instruments, painting and graphics, bronze and silver, glass and crystal … More than 20 thousand unique exhibits. A private collection of masterpieces of world cultural significance has become, in the literal sense of the word, a precious frame for the models of the "Rare Instance" calendar.

The "treasury" of "Russian Silhouette" includes actresses: Anna Mikhalkova ("An ordinary woman", "Let's get a divorce!", "Cococo", "Love with an accent", etc.), Ksenia Alferova ("Cold heart", "Steep banks "," Chasing an Angel "," Trap ", etc.), Maria Poroshina (" Always say "always", "Yolki", "Shuttle girls", "Night Watch", etc.), Yulia Alexandrova ("Lovers", "Yolki", "Bitter!", "Call DiCaprio!", Etc.), Maria Kulikova ("Love is not according to the rules", "Anatomy of a murder", "Looking for a man", "Sklifosovsky", etc.), Anastasia Panina ("Psychologists", "Native Blood", "Fizruk", "Weddings and Divorces", etc.), Sofya Kashtanova ("Policeman from Rublyovka", "Psychologists", "Kitchen", etc.), Lukerya Ilyashenko ("Sweet Life "," Treason "," Survive after "," Youth ", etc.), Yulia Frants (" Gogol "," Viy "," Anatomy of a Murder "," Univer ", etc.),Bolshoi ballerina Anastasia Meskova (Sweet Life, Trotsky, etc.), singer, composer Irina Dubtsova, and young model Alexandra Filin.

Exclusive "cutting" was provided by eminent couturiers: Valentin Yudashkin Fashion House together with Yudashkin Kids, Tatyana Parfenova, Alena Akhmadullina, Victoria Andreyanova, Igor Gulyaev, Anastasia Zadorina, Liza Romanyuk, Alina Assi, Oleg Ovsiev, Oksana Fedorova. And also young designers, for example, Dzhemal Makhmudov, who was once a participant in the Russian Silhouette competition, and now is a member of its jury. And even last year's finalist - Mikhail Manakov. Professional fashion & celebrity photographer Alexander Multikov has implemented the creative concept of the calendar.

Tatyana Mikhalkova sincerely thanked all the project participants and guests of the evening: “For more than 20 years, our Foundation has been supporting young designers from dozens of cities in our country. Today I am pleased to see how many friends the aspiring talented artists have, because both this evening and the release of the calendar, in which amazing actresses and brilliant designers participate, indicate that Russian fashion is in demand and has a great future. I am pleased to announce that the 13th International Competition for Young Designers has started in Russia and neighboring countries. I am sure that among the thousands of participants we will find real nuggets."

It was this talent and passion for fashion that Tatyana Parfenova could see in the contest participant Denis Vedrentsev six years ago. She invited him for an internship at her Fashion House. Since then, the young talented designer has been an integral part of the professional team. Staging a defile, creating a collection - now nothing is impossible for Denis. Including the TATYANPARFIONOV show in Moscow at the presentation of the Russian Silhouette calendar. Connection with art, love of nature, variety of flowers and fauna - such images were seen by the guests on the podium.

That evening, everyone was able not only to plunge into the world of haute couture, but also to try on the role of a rare work of art - to repeat shots from the pages of the photo calendar among the most valuable exhibits of the museum. And the first copies of the publication went to the collection of several lucky ones, whose names were named by Tatyana Mikhalkova during the New Year's drawing

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