Alisia Fiori Show: Youth, Style, Brevity And Variety

Alisia Fiori Show: Youth, Style, Brevity And Variety
Alisia Fiori Show: Youth, Style, Brevity And Variety
Video: Alisia Fiori Show: Youth, Style, Brevity And Variety
Video: Alisia Fiori. Показ коллекции 2019 на Moscow Fashion Week 2023, February

The brand remains faithful to the elegant style of the "London School" chosen from the outset. The main hashtag of the brand is # education of taste - these clothes help to form from childhood the habit of dressing elegantly and in a business-like manner. In such an outfit, you can go not only to school, but, for example, to an art exhibition, a party, to visit friends.

AlisiFiori kids' models are sewn to the same standards as adults - the technology is not simplified. The designer of the brand Irina Sharova creates discreet, elegant clothes for children, using “adult” fabrics, muted, noble shades. Her daughter Alicia is also constantly involved in the development of models.

Among the fabrics of the new collection are traditional cotton, velvet, jacquard, wool, as well as jeans, corduroy, linen, eco-leather, lace, light fabrics. In addition to traditional school uniforms, coats and dresses, the collection includes overalls, trouser suits and suits with shorts.

All presented sets can be combined with both basic and alternative things and accessories. Accents in the image will allow you to arrange shoes: both coarse lace-up and loafers, sneakers, high-heeled shoes, ballet flats are suitable.

Traditional materials in the new collection played in a new way. For example, jeans here are more like an unusual suit fabric, corduroy is proposed to be used as an elegant material, velvet played in casual looks. One of the highlights of the collection are military-style models in different colors: black and white and khaki. But here, too, this is not a tough military, the outfits are, nevertheless, rather elegant, but with a special, harsh charm.

In addition to traditional monochromatic dresses, suits and coats of classic design, in the finals, models in light dresses with a floral pattern, an abundance of lace, sequins, feminine dresses made of velvet, organza and ecofabrics - cotton and linen - took to the podium in the finals. Young models have shown looks that are suitable for any special occasion, picnic, concert, family walk or intellectual evening.

Compositions from Gwen Stefani and the rock ballad of the Queen group were chosen as musical accompaniment - already a classic, but charged with the energy of a young, purposeful and ambitious generation.

After the show, the brand designer Irina Sharova shared her impressions: “The excitement is connected more with the responsibility and scale of the event. And the organization of the show is an understandable process, each member of the team knows his task. Every year the preparation is clearer, the deadlines are more comfortable. The professionalism of the organizing team is growing”.

AlisiFiori for young people - elegance and style on weekdays and holidays.

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