Designers Of Nizhny Novgorod At Moscow Fashion Week

Designers Of Nizhny Novgorod At Moscow Fashion Week
Designers Of Nizhny Novgorod At Moscow Fashion Week
Video: Designers Of Nizhny Novgorod At Moscow Fashion Week
Video: PARLE (Нижний Новгород, Россия / Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia) 2023, February

The combined show took place on October 23 as part of the official schedule of Moscow Fashion Week, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2019.

The fashion debut on the Moscow catwalk in Gostiny Dvor took place thanks to the support of the Government of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, the Light Industry Cluster of the Nizhny Novgorod Region and the Leader Business Practice Center. Designers Elena Nesterova, Anastasia Kurnosova, Olga Rykhlova-Parle, as well as the Textile Design factory by Yulia Arkhipova took part in the combined show.

Stylish business suits combined with feminine floor-length dresses and designer headdresses have become the hallmark of the young LeNeS brand Elena Nesterova. Fragments of the collection presented at Fashion Week have already been shown to guests of CPM exhibitions in Moscow and "Fashion Industry" in St. Petersburg. Elena creates looks for stylish and business women who prefer natural fabrics and good quality. Dresses from Italian fabrics with floral prints are combined with tweed jackets in the collection, while classic trouser and skirt suits are distinguished by memorable decor.

Anastasia Kurnosova's universal knitted clothing brand KSI KSI is distinguished by multi-layered looks, the use of both close-fitting and loose-fitting clothing models, as well as bright additions in the form of compact handbags on a chain. The collection uses mainly natural yarns such as wool, cotton and linen. As one of the most trending off-season models, the brand offers a long oversized cardigan in pastel shades, which successfully complements both a casual look with jeans and an option for an evening out in a dress.

Olga Rykhlova-Parle's designer brand OlParle, known among its clients for its recognizable business style, presented on the Fashion Week catwalk a collection based on traditional Nizhny Novgorod folk art crafts. Thus, both classic floor-length dresses and trendy quilted light coats were decorated with a print depicting rowan branches, and the designer used modified and decorated cropped boots as accessories.

One of the leading factories in Nizhny Novgorod for digital printing on natural fabrics - "Textile Design" - prepared for a joint show at Moscow Fashion Week several canvases with images of famous city landscapes together with photographer Alexander Ivasenko. Each piece, made in the form of a cape-poncho, was also marked with the logos of the brands participating in the show.

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