Fashion Magic From "Provincial Style"

Fashion Magic From "Provincial Style"
Fashion Magic From "Provincial Style"
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Traditionally, in the second half of May, the International Festival of Fashion, Design and Crafts "Provincial Style" gathers friends: designers, fashion designers, illustrators and folk craftsmen.

In 2019, the festival will be held in Voronezh on May 17-19. The main competition show will take place at the Chizhov Gallery Center on Saturday, May 18 under the motto "Fashion magic in life and theater", and will be dedicated to the Year of Theater in Russia.

The winners, and a total of 50 prizes are planned, traditionally receive diplomas, gifts and cash prizes, will be delegated to Russian and international fashion festivals (Russian Silhouette, Estet Fashion Week, CHAPEAU, Generation NEXT, etc.), for internships in Moscow fashion house "SlavZaitsev". The winner of the Grand Prix is ​​nominated for the Golden Spindle National Fashion Industry Award and receives a cash prize from the Aksinya textile salon.

The number of participants selected for the show at Estet Fashion Week will significantly increase

The partnership with CHAPEAU is expanding, the largest international exhibition of hats, clothes and accessories, held in Moscow in Gostiny Dvor. The exhibition includes the MOSFUR fur and leather fashion salon and the KiDS-2019 international children's fashion and art week. In this regard, the winners of the "Provincial Style", who presented headdresses in their collections and use fur, like children's collections, will become participants in the show at CHAPEAU and will have the right to exhibit at a collective stand.

Fashion designers from Russia and abroad will demonstrate their work in the following nominations:

"STREET STYLE" - the style of modern life;

BUSINESS IDEA - individual brands;

"DU LUXE" - evening, wedding and smart clothes;

"KREATIV" - non-standard solutions and original performance;

"ETHNOSTIL" - national features in modern clothes;

"DEBUT" - creativity of juniors under 17;

"CHILDHOOD JOY" - clothes for children and school uniforms;

"PERFORMANCE" - a show of Fashion Theaters.

"STAGE COSTUME" - clothes for theatrical performances.

Taking into account the theatrical focus of the festival, during the days of its work, the People's Carnival will be held, which has been organized for many years in different cities of Russia and abroad by designer Irina Goncharova.

The work of the participants is evaluated by an expert council, which for many years has been headed by the patriarch of Russian fashion Vyacheslav Zaitsev.

The Gubernsky Style Festival is a kind of creative, career and social lift for young fashion designers. "Provincial style" is included in the List of Olympiads and Creative Competitions of the Ministry of Education (Order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation of November 9, 2018 No. 197). Participation in the "Provincial style" and the awards received are taken into account in the ranking of educational institutions, teachers and students.

Many of its participants remain in the profession, run small and micro-businesses - they produce and sell designer clothes. For them, within the framework of the festival, there is a separate platform: "Provincial style - fashion pro", which has a design market format: a symbiosis of showroom (sales exhibitions) with a professional podium display.

The festival program also includes: competition and exhibition of fashion illustrations, presentation of fashion designers of the Donetsk People's Republic, a traditional ethnographic meeting "Cossack Supper" will take place.

The Gubernsky Style Festival was conceived as a creative space for the preservation, interpretation and inclusion of the traditions of the Russian national costume into modern fashion, which was fully successful and became a distinctive feature of the festival.

The co-organizers of the festival this season are the Chizhov Gallery Center and the Voronezh House of Designer.

Producer of the festival

Nikolay Sapelkin

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