Chapeau-Mosfur 2015: Results Of The Season

Chapeau-Mosfur 2015: Results Of The Season
Chapeau-Mosfur 2015: Results Of The Season

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On Saturday, August 22, the XIII season of the international exhibition of hats and accessories CHAPEAU-2015, which was held in conjunction with the fur fashion forum - MOSFUR, finished its work. Over the course of four days, Gostiny Dvor hosted more than 20 shows of new collections, 3 contests, a festival and 2 business conferences, which proved that all industry participants are in good shape and are ready to fight the current market difficulties.

The past season was traditionally opened with shows by the master of the Russian fashion industry - Vyacheslav Zaitsev, who presented two collections - together with the young hat fashion designer Lilia Gureeva, as well as with the strategic partner of the Moscow Fashion House - Grimoire. Members of the Millinery club, designer Natalya Borisova and fur trademark Roberto Rafio showed their works. The competition program CHAPEAU-MOSFUR 2015 consisted of shows of young designers - graduates of the capital and regional creative universities, as well as competitions for manufacturers of hats and outerwear "Headwear Chapeau" and "Imperial style". In addition, the beloved by the audience the Shapenok festival of children's groups, traditionally supported by the Chapeau exhibition, took place.

The 2015 Chapeau Fashion Start competition was judged by Yegor Zaitsev, Victoria Andreyanova, Andrei Yakobi, Andrei Abolenkin, Alisa Radlova, Eteri Bersenevskaya, Elena Chalova, Kamila Huseynova and Anna Sitnikova. The main prize was won by a graduate of the SlavZaitsev Fashion Laboratory Anna Kruchinkina with the Equilibrium collection.

The Chapeau Fashion Conference 2015 program included two sessions dedicated to the accessory market and the fur industry. On the first day, famous fashion analyst Andrey Abolenkin, director of the accessory brand Radical Chic Anna Sitnikova, and Vladimir Belykh, co-founder and buyer of PhysikConcept Store, shared their experiences and opinions with the audience. At the second part of the conference, the topic of production, sales and logistics in the fur industry was discussed, Dmitry Larionov, business manager for Eastern Europe SagFurs, Pavel Kamin, brand director of the fur house Marusya, and Sergey Safonenkov, director of development at Borger, presented their expertise. Both meetings were moderated by the creator of the Material Culture project, stylist and fashion analyst Tim Ilyasov.

The main competition of the exhibition - "Headdress Chapeau" was judged by famous designers - Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Igor Gulyaev, Alina Assi, Sergey Efremov, Vera Cherepova and Elena Suprun, as well as the editor-in-chief of Valentina Kuznetsova and fashion historian Raisa Kirsanova. The winner of the Grand Prix of the competition - the Crown of the Empire of Hats - was the fur brand "Mexico City", Kirov, which also won the CHAPEAU-2015 statuettes for the best collection of fur hats and the best collection of outerwear. Designer Irina Goncharova became the winner in the category "Best collection of summer hats". Bersar won the nomination for the best collection presented at the stand. All participants and members of the jury received gifts from the organizers and partners of the CHAPEAU-MOSFUR 2015 exhibition: GrecTerra, Japanese cosmetics Sensai, KozhArt workshop, Lebo coffee,tea Mater, Konfael confectionery company, Karloff company.

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