Results Of The Competition "Chapeau Fashion Start Future Chapo 2015"

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Results Of The Competition "Chapeau Fashion Start Future Chapo 2015"
Results Of The Competition "Chapeau Fashion Start Future Chapo 2015"

Students of higher and secondary educational institutions took part in the competition. The tradition of holding the "Chapeau Fashion Start" competition is relevant for many reasons. The competition gives young designers an opportunity to declare themselves, demonstrate their abilities, gain experience and knowledge, and manufacturing companies, evaluating young specialists, expand the staff of their enterprise. And also, which is no less important, this competition provides an opportunity to present to the general public the level of preparation of design schools of secondary specialized and higher educational institutions.

Student works were assessed by closed voting of the jury from 1 to 10 points according to the following criteria:

- The idea of ​​the collection (relevance, originality, functionality)

- Execution (design, technology, quality)

- Presentation (musical, artistic presentation of the collection)

The competition was judged by a professional international jury chaired by the designer of the Moscow Fashion House V. Zaitsev, creative director of the YeZ by YEGOR ZAITSEV brand Yegor Zaitsev.

This season, their competition works were presented by:

1 Bakhmatova Julia, graduate of Mabiu - "Metamorphoses of the Future"


2 Kruchinkina Anna, a graduate of Vyacheslav Zaitsev's Fashion Laboratory - "Equilibrium" (Winner of the competition)

3 Belolipetskaya Rimma, 5th year MHPI - "Megapolis of the Future"

4 Afanasyeva Daria, a graduate of Moscow State University of

Engineering and Technology - "Whisper of the Wind" 5 Semenicheva Ekaterina, Institute of Business and Design - " AfricanQueen"

6 Kiselev Pavel, Institute of Business and Design -" Internal Necessity"

7 Konkina Tatiana, 6th year Mabiu -" Urban Style"

8 Orlova Tatiana, 6th year Mabiu -" Resort Romance"

9 Sichinava To'rnike, Graduated from the Institute of Business and Design - "Cosmopolis"

10 Mikhailyuk Irina, 3rd year Technological Institute of Service of the branch of the Don State Technological University "Bridges of Konegsberg"

11 Boyarintseva Irina, 4th year St. Petersburg Academy of Arts and Industry named after Stieglitz, SagaFurs - "Lines"

12 Zubakina Polina, graduate of NTI-MGUDT (Novosibirsk) SagaFurs - "Comet"

13 Buleva Olga, 3rd year Omsk State Institute of Service, SagaFurs - "Reflection"

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