Estet Fashion Week Will Become Two Days Larger

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Estet Fashion Week Will Become Two Days Larger
Estet Fashion Week Will Become Two Days Larger
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Video: Международная неделя моды ESTET FASHION WEEK / весна 2021 / Москва 2023, February

On April 10-16, 2017, Moscow will host the XIII season of the international jewelry fashion week Estet Fashion Week. This spring, the fashion week will last not 5 days, as before, but 7, turning into a full-fledged fashion week. Two whole days this time will be devoted to children's shows. On the podium of the Estet Jewelry House, the organizer of the event, both clothing collections and jewelry brands, as well as accessories, hats, bags - everything without which a modern finished fashion image is inconceivable will be presented as before.

Among the participants of Estet Fashion Week: spring-2017 - SlavZaitsev Fashion House, QueridPhilipp (Spain), Association of Russian Fashion Designers, PABLOSKY (Spain), MUGAKO (Belarus), L'erede, Kanounov, Stilnyashka, DusheGrey, Fashion Style, Oksana Negoda, Alina Stakanova and others.

Among the participating jewelry and watch brands are GEVORKYAN, Escada, NIKA, UE Estet, TechnoMarine, Bijou Tresor, Ani M, Alcozer & J, Gohfeld Jewelery, Zlata.

As always, fashion shows will be accompanied by: "round tables" on the topic of fashion, a concert program, exhibitions, shows, presentations and exhibitions. Thematic days of the shows: "Fashion of the Metropolis", "Evening and Wedding Fashion", "World of Childhood", "Summer Chic".

At the season finale, the jury, which includes fashion experts, art historians, jewelers, fashion experts and heads of specialized media, will select winners in several nominations: "Best Clothing Collection", "Best Jewelry Collection", "Best Children's Collection", etc. Chairman of the Jury - People's Artist of Russia (2006), head of the SlavZaitsev Fashion House Vyacheslav Zaitsev.

On April 16, the official ceremony of closing and awarding the winners of the season will take place.


The official style partner is the DEMI brand (Japan). British Higher School of Design, Union of Russian Buyers, IEC "Fashion Museum", TTC Ostankino, Model Agency Art Status, Children's Model Agency TOP SECRET kids, Dry Dry cosmetics, wedding agency Shebi, Icecraft ice cream workshop, Mehiko, Dialog-Art Foundation. Russian Music Box - general telepartner Official information partners: "Dear Pleasure", "Arguments of the Week", "Modny Magazine", IA Intermedia, IA Intermoda, RIA "Moda", "Navigator of Jewelry Trade",, "Mini Fashion", Fashion Hit, Kids CLUB, Linda, Fashion Education,, Fashion Concert, mode-art, FashionNews, Fashion World portals.

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