Slava Zaitsev Fall-winter 2017-18. "Improvisation. Next "

Slava Zaitsev Fall-winter 2017-18. "Improvisation. Next "
Slava Zaitsev Fall-winter 2017-18. "Improvisation. Next "
Video: Slava Zaitsev Fall-winter 2017-18. "Improvisation. Next "
Video: Slava Zaitsev | Fall Winter 2017/2018 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive 2023, February

My collection is a game in the process of which something new and original appears. It is similar to jazz, to the birth of music free from canons and dogmas. A variety of textures, silhouettes, a bold combination of classic and exotic - I improvised, creating collections for the new season. Fashion and music are interrelated arts, as are their creators. The path of a composer seeking harmony in sounds is close to the path of a fashion designer who creates a collection of images, like a musician a melody from notes.

I presented mainly a group of ready-to-wear deluxe models. I paid the main attention to the play of textures, combining different textures in the coats and short coats group. They feature the silhouettes of voluminous short coats made of textured bouclé fabrics trimmed with faux leather or faux suede. These ensembles consist of a blouse, a skirt and a jacket-coat. Also in this group are four sets with quilted jacquard jackets. Quilted three-piece sets from Indian saris, consisting of a jacket, blouse and trousers, are solved in a slightly different way.

A set of coats with dresses is a classic embodiment of femininity combined with practicality. The shape of the coat is a classic or a line with a high waist, or a straight silhouette with a low armhole. The coats are made of bright colored cloth, combined of two colors.

The collection also includes several jersey dresses in black and white, as well as two ready-to-wear shirts with skirts.

An elegant cocktail dress made of silk with laces is made in the couture style. You can also appreciate the two-piece evening sets and long sari dresses. The collection is completed with a dress for the bride.

Men are offered sets of suit fabrics in a cage - coat, jacket, vest, trousers. The group of coats made of light fabrics is represented by a coat and a vest made of colored cloth. Traditionally, an elegant three-piece frock coat made of black jacquard will be shown on the catwalk.

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