Public Viewing Of Video Clips Of The Exercise-2019 Collections

Public Viewing Of Video Clips Of The Exercise-2019 Collections
Public Viewing Of Video Clips Of The Exercise-2019 Collections

Video: Public Viewing Of Video Clips Of The Exercise-2019 Collections

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Video: Greek Islands: Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes 2023, January

The 1st International Creative Industries Competition "Exercise-2019" will be held for the first time in a new format for presenting video clips of clothing collections within the framework of the Creative Industries Festival: All about fashiontech (August 14-15), Moscow, Technopark "Kalibr".

The Exercise project invites designers to practice not only fashion, but also motion design, since it is important for designers today to think along with product development and over its promotion.

For 25 years, the Exercise project has become a springboard to the world of big fashion for thousands of its participants.

In the Exercise-2019 competition, video clips of the collections will be presented by 22 designers: L. Agarkova (Maidens of the Nord), D. Arakelyan (Dakhanago), D. Aleinikov and A. Balabekina (Wow, Vermeer!), M. Dmitrieva and M Rodionova (In memory of Zaha), O. Ivenina, (The Edge of the Storm), A. Kaverzina (Amsterdam), E. Kalenkevich and E. Klyazovich (One more shot), Y. Kalinina (ZAZHGY MOZGY), E. Lapikova (Dance of the city), P. Le (We are young!), A. Lyubimova (Oxymoron), L. Murzakanova (Archi-Brid), O. Olivia (Give me the right!), A. Permyakov (East Wind), K. Savostyanova (United World), E. Farhadini (AKIRA), A. Khabarova (Crumpled leaf), V. Shlenova (Freedom of the consciousness), D. Yugay (Your rules, your colors).

Exercise-2019 is held by LLC RLP-Fair, PJSC Roslegprom and Technopark Kalibr.

The public competitive viewing will take place on August 15 at 11:00. in the Coworking Conference Hall of the Moscow Technopark "Caliber" at the address: st. Godovikova, 9, building 4.

Free admission, registration link:

Live online broadcast via Instagram:

The awards ceremony for the winners and prize-winners will take place on September 17, on the first day of the 53rd Federal Fair "Textillegprom" in Moscow at VDNKh.

On the site, voting for the best collection is held among the professional audience of the site at: until September 14, 2019, presentations and author's images of the collections of the Contest participants are presented.

The Grand Prix of the competition is a cash grant from PJSC Roslegprom, LLC RLP-Yarmarka, Research and Production Association "Gratsia" and the Research Center "Assol".

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