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The Pleasure Of First Fitting - Livejournal
The Pleasure Of First Fitting - Livejournal
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In early May, actress Evgenia Kryukova released a lookbook of the first collection of clothes under her own brand. The podium premiere took place a month earlier, in Moscow at MBFW. The prêt-a-porter de luxe series is designed for women who “can't imagine themselves in jeans”; they are strong enough to allow themselves to be lightheaded and do not see their life as an eternal struggle. According to the designer, “I like women who will not go out to the bakery casually dressed, they are creative about any appearance in public; even my daughter, who really does not like outfits, while looking at the shooting, appreciated the beauty of this game of decorating everyday life."

Evgenia Kryukova is known in the theatrical world for her scrupulous attention to the creation of costumes. She participates in their development from sketch to manufacture and believes that they help tell the story, find the grain of the role. Evgenia transferred this experience of working with images to fashion design. She offers the skill developed by the acting profession to "turn on the character" with the help of a costume. The designer helps the clients of the brand to make any of their appearance memorable, to turn it into a statement. “You cannot be ashamed of any manifestations of your femininity or consider them outdated,” the creator of the new brand believes. "Looking after you confuse you only if you are not sure of the accuracy of the image, of its relevance."

Modern women are in a state of constant fitting - they are in sight, they are examined and photographed. Many find such attention tedious and resort to neutral things and hide from view. The designer believes that such an escape greatly impoverishes the life experience, depriving the joy of the game. The pleasant excitement of the first fitting, the pleasure of a correctly found image became the theme of the lookbook: the heroines feel great among the mirrors, on the stage platform, and they do not need uniforms to help them blend in with the crowd. They really enjoy dressing up and the collection provides that opportunity.

The feeling of comfort from your own image is created in the collection in more material ways. The Evgenia Kryukova brand produces clothes for all occasions, except for the dull ones. All things behave very beautifully in motion and are conceived so as not to constrain him in any way. Evgenia Kryukova was engaged in fabric processing herself: a creative attitude to her wardrobe for a long time was her favorite hobby, which has now become one of the facets of the profession. Her hand-made contribution to the collection is very great, the actress not only developed the models, but also decorated them herself with floral appliqués and chiffon imitation of colored furs.

This love of detail creates a special emotional connection between the designer, her fans and things. She also does not allow them to be released in large quantities. Some of the collection's models can be purchased only by special order in the salon of Evgeniya Kryukova, which is scheduled to open at the end of the year on Novy Arbat. The collection will also sell ceramic flower jewelry from Eugenia's own porcelain manufactory.

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