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KIT Film Studio Has Completed The Filming Of The Alien Series - Livejournal
KIT Film Studio Has Completed The Filming Of The Alien Series - Livejournal

In St. Petersburg, the filming of the series "Alien", produced by the KIT Film Studio (part of the KIT GPM as part of the Gazprom-Media media holding), commissioned by Channel One has finished. The protagonist of the story, banker Vladimir Orlov (Kirill Pletnev), is fleeing justice, risking losing not only freedom or life, but also himself: he has to appropriate the identity of another person. Posing as a police major, Orlov is playing for time, but time starts to work against him …

Filming of the project "Alien" took place in the Leningrad region: in Kronstadt, Kirovsk, Shlisselburg. The town on the border with Finland, in which the main character tries to escape from justice, is a collective image of Kirovsk and Shlisselburg.

Actor Alexander Bukharov, who played Lieutenant Colonel Yegor Frolov, studied the Leningrad region very well. So good that I could have mastered a new profession!

“I drive well, and I managed to drive with a breeze on this project, - recalls Alexander - I studied the roads of Kirovsk well - I could earn money as a taxi driver!”

Maryana Spivak plays a simple Russian woman who, as the proverb says, will stop a galloping horse and enter a burning hut. The actress fondly recalls the shooting in the village of Hapo-Oe, near St. Petersburg.

“The mistress of the house, which according to the plot was the house of my heroine, is just an exemplary farm: a garden, a vegetable garden, chickens … Beauty!”, - Maryana smiles.

Maryana still had to enter the burning hut: one of the most difficult scenes was the scene of the fire in the bathhouse. A separate set was built especially for filming in the field. They invited stunt doubles, but the main characters Mariana Spivak and Kirill Pletnev, of course, did not stand aside. In the scenes inside the bathhouse, they filmed themselves, but stuntmen were already running out of the set in flames. The day this scene was filmed was windy, and the bathhouse flared up like a match. The roof almost instantly began to burn, and drops of melting roofing material began to fall on the actors.

“Kirill Pletnev almost got a red-hot drop in his eye, there was a burn,” recalls the director of the project Leonid Plyaskin. - But there was an ambulance on duty - and everything worked out.

On the set of Alien, Kirill Pletnev had to not only burn, but also drown. First, stuntmen walked through the Kronstadt swamps and checked the bottom so that there were no objects that could cripple the actors, and then Kirill Pletnev climbed into the cold water (the scene was filmed at the end of October). And not just climbed, but fought there, and swam, and dived.

Work on the project continued during a difficult time of the pandemic, and all measures were taken on site to keep the team safe.

“We constantly passed tests, and those who had a suspicion of the virus were quarantined,” says Mariana Spivak. - There was even a period when we were left without a director - Lenya, being on self-isolation, controlled the process via Skype.

“The flag dropped by me was picked up by the second director Albert Barbarich,” smiles Leonid Plyaskin. “He made decisions on the set, but I set the vector, calling the actors in the morning, at the beginning of the shift, or in the evenings.”

Despite the difficult conditions, the team was satisfied with the work done and recalls the filming process with pleasure.

“I really fell in love with our team,” says Mariana Spivak. "I hope we did something good."


Successful banker Vladimir Orlov (Kirill Pletnev) is forced to flee justice. Trying to escape from criminal prosecution and reprisals of former partners, the hero finds himself in a small town on the border with Finland. By a twist of fate, he assumes the identity of a police major. Now Orlov lives a double life: he understands local incidents like an ordinary investigator and is hiding from the capital's police and hired killers. He is looking for an opportunity to cross the border illegally, but every day it becomes more difficult to leave. Lieutenant Colonel Yegor Frolov (Alexander Bukharov), a just and wise leader, becomes Orlov's boss in the new place. But Frolov and Orlov sometimes look at life very differently. And the fugitive banker's relations with other residents of the town do not always go smoothly. However, opening up more and more,Orlov unexpectedly falls in love with Lyuba (Maryana Spivak), who is infinitely far from the world of big money and "useful" connections. Gradually getting used to the new life, the main character understands what really needs to be fought for.

Genre: Drama, Detective

Episodes: 16 episodes

Production: "KIT Film Studio"

TV channel: Channel One

General Producers: Rafael Minasbekyan, Janik Fayziev

Lead Producer: Alexander Bondarev

Producers: Innokenty Malinkin, Alexander Syrov

Executive Producer: Anastasia Pozdnyakova

Stage director: Leonid Plyaskin

Director of photography: Pyotr Dyakov

Script writers: Alexander Shcherbakov, Denis Eleonsky, Elizaveta Nenyuk, Olga Nikiforova, Igor Tkachenko

Composer: Artem Vasiliev

Cast: Kirill Pletnev, Maryana Spivak, Alexander Bukharov and others.

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