The Science Of Drinking And Snacking: A New Drink-house On Pushechnaya "Science And Life" - Livejournal

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The Science Of Drinking And Snacking: A New Drink-house On Pushechnaya "Science And Life" - Livejournal
The Science Of Drinking And Snacking: A New Drink-house On Pushechnaya "Science And Life" - Livejournal
Video: The Science Of Drinking And Snacking: A New Drink-house On Pushechnaya "Science And Life" - Livejournal
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At the end of 2020, a fierce year for the hospitality industry, on the site of the Grechka canteen in the Rozhdestvenka area, a glass of Science and Life opened with sandwiches and liqueurs for 150 rubles. The menu contains a hit parade of Soviet mono-concepts, in the hall there is a cinema group: actors, producers, directors

There are many street retail, cafes and restaurants on Pushechnaya. The entrance to Science and Life is a door to door with the Ex-libris Museum of the International Union of Book Lovers. A great start and a good reference point for the drinking humanitarian.


In the center of the two-part space is a square island bar, divided into two equal parts by a partition wall with three arches. Outside the windows is the bustle of Cannon Street. If you are planning a serious bar dive - go deeper - in the hall farthest from the entrance, the atmosphere is more intimate.

The interior of the new wine glass is austere - such as Michelin-starred restaurants - the interior should not distract from the main thing - food and glasses. The asceticism of Science and Life borders on well-thought-out anti-vandalism - it will be difficult to break furniture or interior items in the heat of fun: heavy high bar stools of a sturdy design, a massive bar counter tiled with tiles, a high tribune of a DJ - everything is practical and functional here.

The hybrid Science and Life format departs from the orthodaxic notion of a traditional glass room without seating, offering guests to sit on high bar stools even outside the bar area - behind high tables placed around the hall perimeter and by the windows.


The degree of democracy in Science and Life is off the charts. Sandwiches (with bacon, cod liver, sprats) and tinctures (especially sea buckthorn, jalapena, spottykach, horseradish) are sold here for 150 rubles.

A glass of white French Le Grand Noir Sauvignon Blanc or red Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon - 280 rubles, topical Italian sparkling wine in the pre-New Year period - from 250 rubles, a glass of vodka - from 180 rubles, a portion of bourbon - 270 rubles. A dozen varieties of craft beer on taps (from 170 to 300 rubles).

The main dishes that define the concept of the new wine-glass are the hits of the diet of a person who was not alien to alcohol, who was born in the Soviet Union: sausages with mashed potatoes and peas (200 rubles), cheburek with meat (350 rubles), Siberian dumplings (300 rubles), shashlik lamb (500 rubles).

"Science and Life" juggles with Soviet gastronomic monoconcepts: an ascetic wine-bar, vacation barbecue, cheburek around the corner from home, dumplings next to the institute …

Particular attention is paid to the communication of bartenders and guests in the new wine-glass room. Especially for those who like to sit at the counter - the “Snacks at the bar” section of the menu, in which we find the secret: pickled cucumber, green tomato, soaked apple and tangerine (all for 50 rubles).

But not a single Soviet past. The menu also includes steaks: filet mignon (600 rubles), ribeye (1250 rubles) and salmon (800 rubles). For the students of the nearby Architectural Institute and the Schepkinsky School, who will certainly become regular guests of Science and Life after the quarantine restrictions have been lifted, you can rejoice: if late morning is not good, the menu includes rich borscht with beef and fish soup, both according to student price of 250 rubles.

Team, party, atmosphere

"Science and Life" was opened by a group of comrades from among people close to the acting environment: actor Arseny Robak, his brother-producer Vikentiy Chevtaev and restaurateur Konstantin Yolkin (Krapiva bar, Zhiguli bar, Lisitsa bar). A couple of years ago, this team opened Ruin Bar, a concept inspired by the Budapest ruin bars on Rozhdestvenka.

The atmosphere in the new wine-glass room matches the prices - democratic and relaxed. Here you can fill up with a noisy company of friends or go for a glass of wine together with a girl, the format of a modern wine glass turned out to be universal. Already now in "Science …" faces from the TV often flicker. If you want to have a drink with the actors who have been seen in domestic TV shows and full meter - you are definitely here.

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Wine glass "Science and Life"

St. Rozhdestvenka 5/7 building 2 (entrance from Pushechnaya street 7/5 building 2)


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