Denis Shvedov, Artur Smolyaninov, Anton Vasiliev In The Action-packed Series "The Wolf" - Livejournal

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Denis Shvedov, Artur Smolyaninov, Anton Vasiliev In The Action-packed Series "The Wolf" - Livejournal
Denis Shvedov, Artur Smolyaninov, Anton Vasiliev In The Action-packed Series "The Wolf" - Livejournal
Video: Denis Shvedov, Artur Smolyaninov, Anton Vasiliev In The Action-packed Series "The Wolf" - Livejournal
Video: Волк (1 сезон) — Трейлер 2023, February

On December 7, a new action-packed detective "Wolf" will be available on the PREMIER video service. A gripping story based on Alexander Terekhov's novel "Stone Bridge", will lead viewers along the path of exploring the tragic fate of the children of the Soviet party elite, which echoes in the events of our days. The series was produced by KIT Film Studio (part of the KIT GPM as part of the Gazprom-Media holding) and White Media. The premiere of the action-packed detective will take place on NTV in 2021.

What can be seen from the Big Stone Bridge? Kremlin. House on the embankment. Or maybe there are traces of the tragedy: in June 1943, the son of the Stalinist People's Commissar, out of jealousy, killed the ambassador's daughter. But was it really so? The main character, former intelligence officer Alexander Volk, begins his own investigation almost eighty years later. The life of the "red aristocracy", who believed in intoxicating freedom and paid dearly for it, intersects with a desperate search for the truth of the hero himself.

In the main role - Denis Shvedov. Also played in the series: Sergey Makovetsky, Artur Smolyaninov, Anton Vasiliev, Vitaly Khaev, Marina Zudina, Igor Yasulovich, Elena Podkaminskaya, Ilya Lyubimov, Linda Lapinsh and others.

Scout Alexander Volk (Denis Shvedov) returns home after several years in one of the prisons of the Arab East. He learns that he owes his salvation to the retired Major General of the KGB Goltsman, the father of his friend Leonid, who tragically died a few months ago. The wolf decides to understand the strange death of Leni Goltzman and gradually plunges into the study of another story full of mysterious circumstances that happened on June 3, 1943 on Kamenny Most in Moscow. A certain 15-year-old Volodya Shakhurin, the son of the People's Commissar of Aircraft Industry, killed his contemporary Nina Umanskaya, the daughter of the USSR Ambassador to Mexico. According to the investigation - because of jealousy. The investigation into the incident on the bridge became secret and the case was named "The Fourth Reich", in which several of Volodya's classmates appeared, including even Stalin's cousin Leonid Redens.

The wolf gradually reconstructs the events of those old events, restoring the past, but each time it turns into a new, unexpected side. The more he learns, the more mysteries arise. The scout will have to pay dearly for revealing all the circumstances of this highly mysterious and confusing case, the traces of which lead to our time.

Director and scriptwriter Gennady Ostrovsky:

“I would like to express my gratitude to the author of the novel. After reading "Stone Bridge" I was deeply impressed and started writing the script without thinking about the film adaptation. This is a kind of fantasy and reflections on a certain topic related to an era that is leaving and you want to grab it. To hold on to the time that irretrievably leaves us. From the present we observe the events of the past, when the country was at a turning point: war, repression, death everywhere, human life meant no more than a grain of sand … And the story of a young man and a girl who left a secret after their death. For myself, I set the task - to preach about the huge human drama and convey the energy that the events and heroes of the past are fraught with”.

According to the director, the filming was not easy: what did the producers have to do to cover the Stone Bridge! But without this bridge there would be no plot, because it is like a symbol that occupies a central place in the narrative.

Modern Moscow is a "heavy" city for such historical filming. However, it was the energy of the capital that made it possible to achieve authenticity during the reconstruction of almost documentary events: all the heroes and circumstances from the book, which had real historical prototypes, will come to life in front of the viewer and reveal the secrets that silent witnesses still keep: Stalin's skyscrapers, Kutuzovsky Prospect, as well as the house on the former Granovskogo street.

According to the plot, the hero from the present time leads his observation and investigation of the past. He examines the actions of people, imbued with their feelings, makes a roll call with modernity. But what is so inexplicably attractive with echoes that has been heard after more than seventy years? Denis Shvedov's character has been looking for an answer to this question throughout history.

Denis Shvedov, actor: “I was immediately interested in the script, this, of course, is the starting point. History is always at the head. An important role was played by the fact that both the director and the screenwriter were Gennady Ostrovsky. I saw his work and knew that he was a great professional. When I read the script, I immediately got the feeling that it would be a serious epoch-making work. Temporal parallel, building of events, interweaving of times and destinies of heroes … ". Denisalso admitted that the role did not come easily to him: “I had to lose weight. And the most difficult moment was the make-up, I had to glue my beard for the scenes where I was held captive. Imagine the heat. At the same time, I am filming in another parallel project and cannot shave, I need regrown stubble. And every time they glued my beard to it. It was hell. I couldn't really do anything because of the incredible feeling of tightness. I always wanted to get rid of it right there. Unfortunately, the shift lasts 12 hours. And when the shooting of these episodes ended - of course, I exhaled."

The artists of the project faced a difficult task: they had to find such images that would still be relevant today, so it was decided to stylize everything in the frame for the era of the 40s.

As the historical costume designer Nadina Ezhina said,for this project things were assembled especially carefully: “Basically, of course, they sewed, but there are also a few genuine things. The most difficult thing was to find real stockings of that time. It was fortunate that my colleague colleagues had several pairs of real ones, but they were just enough for shooting, as they are very thin and threatened to break at an unnecessary moment. One couple, for example, did not have time to live up to the site - they broke even before rehearsals. I really wanted to find a similar jacket, as in the photo of the real Shakhurin. But no, as it turned out, there was no such thing in the Soviet Union, so we restored (sewn) it exactly from the photo! It was a pleasure to work on the images of the Umansky couple - they were played by Marina Zudina and Sergey Makovetsky - these actors take their role very seriously and responsibly.It was important to find a balance between real authentic costumes and tailored ones. I think we succeeded - I will not even reveal where the real thing is and where it was sewn - they turned out so organic. I am very grateful to Marina Vyacheslavovna that she provided real personal jewelry on the stage of the reception!"

The viewer will have not only to understand together with the main character in the intricacies of the investigation, but also to guess in the unfortunate Soviet girl Tasa the charming actress Elena Podkaminskaya, and in the heavy and closed NKVDeshnik Arthur Smolyaninov. There are also many "new faces" in the series in the lead roles: Nina Umanskaya was played by Varvara Feofanova, Volodya Shakhurin was played by Vitaly Andreev, and Nina's friend, Sonya Rykova, was played by Alevtina Tukan.



Genre: action-packed detective

based on the novel by Alexander Terekhov "Stone Bridge"

Production: "KIT Film Studio", "White Media"

Episodes: 14 episodes

Scriptwriter and director: Gennady Ostrovsky

General Producers: Timur Weinstein, Rafael Minasbekyan, Yulia Sumacheva, Janik Fayziev

Producer: Sergey Bagirov, Oleg Blank

Executive Producers: Natalia Shishkina, Ksenia Sokolova

Director of photography: Evgeny Privin

Set Designer: Andrey Sapozhnikov, Viktor Shmelev

Costume Designers: Nadina Ezhina, Vlasta Muratova

Cast: Denis Shvedov, Sergei Makovetsky, Artur Smolyaninov, Anton Vasiliev, Vitaly Khaev, Marina Zudina, Varvara Feofanova, Alevtina Tukan, Vitaly Andreev, Igor Mirkurbanov, Igor Yasulovich, Elena Podkaminskaya, Alexander Semchev, Said Bagov, Ilya Lyubimapov, Alena Mikhailova and others.

The last role of Viktor Proskurin

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