Sincere Gifts Yves Delorme - The Wildlife Photography

Sincere Gifts Yves Delorme - The Wildlife Photography
Sincere Gifts Yves Delorme - The Wildlife Photography
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How fast time flies. Only yesterday we met the third millennium, and the twentieth year is already approaching the end. There is not a lot left, and there is still so much to do before the chimes that your head is spinning. To make your life a little easier, we have compiled a selection of soulful gifts that will delight women and men of all ages: bed linen and terry products, decorative pillows and blankets, stylish decor items, clothing and home fragrances. By the way, if you have absolutely no time to personally go to one of the Yves Delorme salons, then just order the thing you like on our website Free shipping! Enjoy every minute of your life with Yves Delorme

1. Bright as autumn barberry leaves, Bagatelle Yves Delorme reversible bedding made from organic supim cotton will be a stylish addition to the elegant look of the bedroom. The velvety smooth surface of a light nude color was adorned with stinging patterns in muted shades of amber, copper and turquoise. A nice bonus - the set is packed in a bag made of translucent organza.

2. “Prepare the sleigh in summer,” says popular wisdom. Therefore, a beach towel is a great New Year's gift, especially if it is Ralph Lauren Home: a strict one-color from the Polo line with the company logo of the rider-player polo player, or bright with a pattern in the style of vintage posters of fashionable cruises, or maybe with one of the iconic of brand symbols - a teddy bear dressed in Ralph Lauren clothes? You choose, any of them is made of hygroscopic cotton 530 g / m², will not fade from exposure to sunlight, chlorinated or salt water and emphasize the style and sense of taste of the owner. Nice bonus - 45% discount on Ralph Lauren Home collections.

3. When choosing a gift for a loved one, be sure to pay attention to the collection of home clothes. For example, for people with unlimited imagination and energy, Kenzo by Yves Delorme robes are perfect. They are distinguished not only by bright and cheerful colors, but also by a comfortable cut. Delicate and graceful ladies' dressing gowns and Yves Delorme pajamas made of cotton, silk or satin will delight the beautiful half of humanity. For those who like it warmer, there are insulated options in stretch jersey or soft velor. There are also discreet models in the assortment for those who prefer a conservative style of clothing - plain terry, knitted and silk unisex robes. The cherry on top of the cake will be stylish home shoes made of velvet or natural fur.Our home clothes will allow everyone to look fashionable and stylish even at home.

4. Exclusive board games are a special and unique gift in themselves, and considering this year's situation, they are also useful. A game of chess, checkers, backgammon or poker at Ralph Lauren Home is worthy of the battle of kings and true commanders. The body of the games is made of wood covered with leather in two colors, the chips are made of polished

nickel, the bones are made of expensive plastic. All figures are stored in leather cases, and there is a nickel-plated engraving plate on the case lid.

5. Who among us doesn't like to review photos? Like a time machine, they are able to transport us into the past, making it possible to relive the most memorable moments of life once again. And memories, decorated in stylish frames, will be an excellent gift and interior decoration. Ralph Lauren Home and Yves Delorme Life Style photo frames, handcrafted from brass, shagreen, enamel, glass and leather in different colors, will be a worthy frame for memories.

6. Did you know that the receptors responsible for the sense of smell bind to the regions of the brain that are responsible for memory and emotion? That is why smells so easily transport us through time and space, bringing back pleasant moments in our memory. If you decide to give someone warm memories and joyful emotions, then be sure to choose something suitable among the perfumes for your home. We have mineral wax scented candles and essential oil diffusers, home perfumes and sachets from leading European and American brands. For example, the heady aromas of AlexiPeck Home, which combine a mixture of bergamot, sweet peas, freesia and sea krithmum; woody with notes of tobacco and patchouli Ralph Lauren Home; warm and festive combinations of orange, lemon, apple cider, cranberry, spicy cinnamon and Volusp and Agraria …

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