New Electric Sports Car Porsche Taycan Presented At The Opening Of The New Porsche Center Leninsky - The Wildlife Photography

New Electric Sports Car Porsche Taycan Presented At The Opening Of The New Porsche Center Leninsky - The Wildlife Photography
New Electric Sports Car Porsche Taycan Presented At The Opening Of The New Porsche Center Leninsky - The Wildlife Photography
Video: New Electric Sports Car Porsche Taycan Presented At The Opening Of The New Porsche Center Leninsky - The Wildlife Photography
Video: Misha Litvin bought a Porsche Taycan for 16,000,000 rubles ?? | Smashed Postanov 2023, February

On October 8, a press conference was held, timed to coincide with the opening of the Porsche Center Leninsky, the second Porsche dealership within the AutoSpecCenter Group. The dynamics of sales of premium cars, the current state of the Russian car market and new channels of work with consumers - an incomplete list of topics covered by the speakers. The event began with the presentation of the new electric sports car Taycan and ended with a series of test drives of the legendary sports cars of the German brand.

The first thing that the participants of the press conference appreciated was the two-storey showroom Porsche Center Leninsky with an area of ​​970 m2, where the entire model line of the Porsche brand is presented, including sports cars of the 718 and 911 series, the Porsche Panamera sports sedan, popular SUVs - Macan and Cayenne. In the showroom, the guests were presented with the new electric sports car Porsche Taycan, which impressed the audience with its unique design. After a tour of the new Porsche Center Leninsky (more than 5,000 m2), getting to know the service area, the spare parts warehouse and the Approved area, where used Porsche models tested against 111 points of Porsche AG standards are presented, the participants moved on to discussing topical issues of auto retail …

The popularity of the brand in Russia is confirmed by the dynamics of sales - in the first nine months of 2020, 4,301 Porsche cars were sold in Russia. This is not the first year that Porsche has seen a steady growth in sales: in 2019, sales amounted to 6,023 vehicles, which is 17.7% higher than in 2018, which, in turn, surpassed the 2017 result by almost 12%. In July and August, the Russian car market was actively recovering: sales of new cars grew by 6.8% in July. The Porsche brand sold 51% more vehicles in August compared to the same period last year.

“In the third quarter of 2020, customer demand was high, but was limited by stocks in dealer warehouses. If the cars were available, I think that in the third quarter dealers would be able to sell 15-20% more cars, - said Denis Petrunin, General Director of the AutoSpecCentre Group of Companies. - As for the growth in sales of premium brands - including Porsche - in addition to deferred demand, interest in buying is largely stimulated by unstable exchange rates. In anticipation of the indexation of prices for cars, customers sought to invest in durable goods, purchase selected models at current prices and “freeze” money in cars."

For 8 years ASC has been the official dealer of Porsche in Russia. All these years, the AutoSpecCentre Group of Companies has been providing the adherents of the brand with impeccable service and the highest quality of service that meets Porsche standards, as well as a full range of additional services offered to fans of the brand: sales of new and used cars and the sale of original spare parts, locksmith and body repairs, technical maintenance and installation of additional equipment, car loans and car insurance.

The restrictive regime has become a driver for the development of distance selling and online communications with customers. Usually, online services offered by dealers are in demand among the brand's regular customers who know exactly what they want from the car and from the dealership. This category of consumers also includes young people who are more active in social networks and make more online purchases. Consultations, presentations and online sales have become a trend in the Russian car market in 2020. Dealers who managed to switch to a digital communication format in time can offer the client a choice: buy a car online or in a showroom, choose to deliver the car or pick it up on their own.

One of the key factors for the successful operation of the ASC in the market is the professional training of employees and the formation of a well-coordinated team of specialists. The personnel policy of the ASC is aimed at close interaction of the management with the employees of dealerships. All processes are carried out on the basis of corporate standards of car manufacturers. Therefore, ASC dealerships are among the best car dealerships in Russia, and the team's achievements in sales, maintenance, marketing and personnel development are highly commendable.

Alexey Zabelkin, Porsche Brand Director of AvtoSpecCentre Group of Companies, noted that there are some nuances in working with customers who buy premium cars: “Customers of the premium segment pay special attention to details, since premium cars have a wider range of functions and a wider offer of individualization. Our employees are constantly improving their skills and training in order to provide an impeccable service in accordance with the standards of the Porsche brand. Therefore, despite the growing popularity of online services, thanks to which you can remotely contact a sales manager, draw up documents or reserve a car, it is still very early to talk about online sales as a new trend - customers prefer to visit dealerships, personally choose cars and discuss purchase details ".>

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