New Collections From SOHO Fashion - The Wildlife Photography

New Collections From SOHO Fashion - The Wildlife Photography
New Collections From SOHO Fashion - The Wildlife Photography
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In early October, SOHO Fashion presented to journalists new collections of premium casual brands, which it distributes in Russia.


In 1825, James Clark worked at his brother's tannery in Somerset. In the process of processing sheep skins, a lot of unused raw materials remained, and one day a craftsman comes up with a brilliant idea: "Slippers!" By 1842, shoe sales were already 1,000 pairs a month. In 1863, the management of the business passed into the hands of James' son, William. He opens factories, modernizes production and purchases modern Singer equipment. William decides to produce shoes that will take into account the anatomy of the foot and follow its natural lines. It was then that Clarks established itself as the most comfortable shoe in the world. At the beginning of the 20th century, Jones Clark's wife, Alice Clark, became one of the company's leaders. Developing the business "in step with the times", Alice proposes to develop high-heeled shoes.Soon every girl in the UK dreamed of buying Clarks shoes. In 2013, SOHO Fashion signed a contract with Clarks for the exclusive distribution of the brand in Russia and Belarus, and the newest history of the Clarks brand in Russia began with the AW 2014 season.


In 1914, Bernard Gant was sewing collars in New York. His future wife Rose also worked there. She sewed on buttons and sewed buttonholes. The union of the two craftsmen quickly bore fruit. The Ganta have acquired a reputation for being adept at sewing shirts.

In the first half of the 1980s, Pyramid Sports wear from Sweden acquired a license to develop a collection and distribute products under the GANT brand. The renewed brand GANT quickly achieved worldwide recognition. Now his collection included not only shirts, but also a large selection of men's, women's and children's shoes, as well as accessories. GANT footwear is mainly produced in European factories. The entire product line is made from carefully selected materials. The GANT footwear collection consists of two parts - the main one and the seasonal one. The main part is footwear that passes from season to season with minor modifications, while the seasonal part is constantly replenished and updated.


The CAMEL ACTIVE brand emerged in the mid-70s, when the exciting CAMEL TROPHY race took over. The participants of the LAND ROVER off-road race were expected to take extreme tests in the tropics of South America, in the Gobi Desert, on the impassable roads of Siberia. To cope with such challenges, special free-style equipment was created for the participants using the latest materials and technologies. This is how the clothes under the CAMEL ACTIVE brand appeared.

Today CAMEL ACTIVE is clothing, footwear and accessories for men and women who want to look stylish both in the urban environment and while traveling. The brand combines excellent functionality and impeccable German quality.

Shoes for travel and urban everyday life must be reliable and durable, therefore the manufacturer uses only high-quality materials and applies modern technologies when creating Camel Active collections. The brand's designers pay special attention to the stylistic integrity of the collection: all the brand's products look modern and go well with other casual items.

Camel Active shoes collections are divided into three main styles: footwear for athletes, for tourism lovers, as well as for lovers of casual style.


The assortment of goods under the Tom Tailor brand is unusually wide, but the collection of shoes and accessories occupies a significant place in it. After all, the goal of the Tom Tailor Group holding is to create a fashionable image for all family members according to the principle of total look, in which accessories play an important role.

The founder of the business was the German company Henke & Co, which since 1962 has been successfully importing a variety of textile products from India. And the Tom Tailor brand name originated in 1979 when the founders of the company made plans to significantly expand the product range. According to their idea, the name was to be associated among buyers with the availability and good quality of goods. This is how the phrase “Tailor Tom” appeared, which in the English version sounds like “Tom Tailor”.

Today the company has many sub-brands: Tom Tailor Denim, Tom Tailor Kids, Tom Tailor Minis and Tom Tailor Baby. The products are presented in franchised and own stores of the holding all over the world. The assortment of these product lines is harmoniously complemented by Tom Tailor footwear and accessories. The brand's shoes and accessories, as well as clothing collections, are aimed at people who pay attention to fashion trends and purchase goods with an optimal price-quality ratio. Tom Tailor shoes combine well with denim and allow you to complete the casual look.


Pepe Jeans London was born in 1973. Nitin Shah can be called his father. Together with brothers Arun and Milanomoni, Nitin began manufacturing jeans in West London. In order to reduce logistics costs, in the same place, in the local market, they began to sell them. In 1983 Pepe Jeans London expands its production outside England and goes to Ireland. Two years later, Pepe Jeans London factories could be found in Europe and the USA. The main activity of the brand is, of course, youth jeans. But apart from this, the product line is represented by fashionable shoes and accessories. The Pepe Jeans London shoe collection perfectly complements jeans and other youth clothing from the brand.

In the brand's lineup there are always female models - boots with cuffs made in a masculine style, or boots made of matte leather with rivets. Men also do not go unnoticed. In the collections of Pepe Jeans London shoes, they can find many interesting models for themselves, allowing them to emphasize their individuality and sense of style.

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