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Secrets Of The Modeling Business Revealed - NewsOnine
Secrets Of The Modeling Business Revealed - NewsOnine
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The modeling business does not have the best reputation. The media often write about creepy stories in this environment, however, as a rule, they are either exaggerated, or did not occur in the professional modeling business, but in escort agencies. The founder of the MAG-Model Agency Group in Austria and the educational online platform for models MAG Fashion Education, winner of the international Successful Ladies Awards in the nomination "Best Head of Model agency ", an expert with experience in the modeling business for over 20 years Anastasia Soldatova (on instagram @soldatovanastya)

Anastasia, many novice models are worried that they need to spend a lot of money to start a career. Is it so?

Not at all. Prospective models do not need to make financial investments. If a modeling agent considers the potential of a girl, he will invest in her strength, time and his own money. For example, Natalia Vodianova is a vivid confirmation of this, she grew up in a very poor family, but was able to make a dizzying career. And there are a lot of such stories of "Cinderella".

Many parents are afraid to let their daughters go to work abroad. How risky is it?

Traveling abroad for models is absolutely safe if the model fulfills all the conditions of the contract and does not seek adventure at the time when it is necessary to sleep. Agencies and brands are interested in the model working well on the set or on the catwalk, it is absolutely not profitable for them to invite girls to some dubious night events, because they will look bad in the morning.

In addition, thanks to work abroad, girls can greatly improve their foreign language, and absolutely free of charge, earn more than in Russia and reach the world level.

What is the best age to start a modeling career?

In general, the ideal time is from 14 to 19 years old, however, now this can be done at any age. In general, there are several categories of models: children (4-12 years old), the main group (13-25 years old), adults (25-45 years old), age groups (45-70 years old and more) Moreover, the popularity of older models becomes more and more every year … If before women after 40 thought that life was over, now women of retirement age are starting to appear for magazines, participate in shows, and this is great! Remarkable examples of models in their 60s are Yasmina Rossi, Nicole Griffin, Daphne Self and others.

How much do models earn?

Of course, the payment depends on the girl's level, her professionalism and experience. But in general, at the age of 25, many models can already afford to buy a car or an apartment, save up for their own business. In addition, this profession can be combined with numerous online specialties and work remotely from anywhere in the world. For example, girls can work as SMM managers, scouts, PR agents, content managers, etc.

In addition, the latest trend in Hollywood films is model actresses. More and more often girls with modeling experience are invited to the roles. This means that a career on the podium can be continued in the cinema. And in order to easily cope with the roles, it is worth pre-registering for acting courses. In any case, girls have a lot of options for further growth and development.

Where do you need to study to become a model?

There are many different modeling schools, but unfortunately not all of them are of a high standard. It is very important that during the training the girl is taught not only how to walk and pose correctly, but also how to choose a model agent, how to cooperate with foreign agencies and brands, what details to pay attention to in contracts …

For example, I take a very responsible approach to all these aspects of education, so in our online school MAG Fashion Education we talk about all aspects of the profession and train real specialists in this industry. In addition, we offer the most talented girls cooperation with our modeling agency, so they not only study, but also get a job, as well as prospects for an international career. After completing classes now, you can become a popular model already in 2021!

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