Top Stylist, Colorist Igor Khonin: “You Need To Become An Ambassador For Love” - NewsOnine

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Top Stylist, Colorist Igor Khonin: “You Need To Become An Ambassador For Love” - NewsOnine
Top Stylist, Colorist Igor Khonin: “You Need To Become An Ambassador For Love” - NewsOnine
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Being a brand ambassador is an honorable and responsible occupation. But not everyone can get such a title, it is not enough to be just a professional in your field. Igor Khonin, a colorist with more than 18 years of experience, the only ambassador of the WellProfessionals brand and the Brazilian company Brae in Russia and Eastern Europe, the founder and owner of a beauty salon, talks about all the features of working as an ambassador.

What does an ambassador do

The main mission of the ambassador is to promote the brand. It can include conducting master classes on his products, stories about new and existing products, coverage of the company in social networks, and increasing sales.

The ambassador tests new items, gives reviews about them, creates and removes collections for this brand, sets some directions.

How to become a brand ambassador

To begin with, you need to decide which brand you like the most, which one you intend to develop. And to understand this, you need to try a large enough number of brands.

“Initially, I worked for Wella, L'Oréal, tried Schwarzkopf, Redken, Matrix - that is, I tested at least 5 cosmetic brands to determine my favorite. And I've been staying with Wella for quite a long time,”recalls colorist Igor Khonin.

Then it is imperative to look at what position this brand occupies in the market: it will be much easier to become an ambassador of a new brand, but if the brand has been on the market for a long time, then it is very difficult.

In fact, it is unrealistic to become an ambassador right away. You need to be noticed and invited to cooperate. The stage of cooperation can be quite long, from a year to three or even more. And only then the company, having recognized you, can take the next step and offer a new status.

Advantages and disadvantages for an ambassador

“The main thing is that you should choose any product, any brand for love,” says Igor Khonin, founder and owner of a beauty salon. - Then you only get the benefits of cooperation, because you work for a brand that you like very much, the policy and philosophy of which you share. And the brand, in turn, supports you in everything - both morally and financially. And, moreover, globally helps to develop together with him."

But some companies buy their ambassadors - that is, they pay very good royalties to promote them. But between them - the people they bought, and the company itself - there is no mutual love. And therefore, fruitful cooperation will never work. Because when a person does something insincere, it is immediately noticeable, with the naked eye. And, of course, when working with a brand not for love, the huge disadvantage will be that you will be forced to work only on its products, and not on any other - and deceive that you like it.

Ambassador's obligations

Among the obligations - first of all, the recognition that the ambassador has been working with this particular company for a very long time and uses only its products. And also carrying the brand's philosophy - both at master classes and in general in life. And, of course, the unconditional participation of the ambassador in all projects of the chosen brand.

An important commitment is to promote the brand's products and increase sales.

For how long can a person be a brand ambassador?

You can stay on this pedestal for a very short time - a brand always needs new blood, new recharge. And it is right. A person cannot represent the same brand for a very long time - otherwise it will stagnate, will not move.

It's hard to be constantly in trend, because there is a young generation - they have everything new, different, fast: thinking, perception. And they, of course, climb this summit much faster.

“It seems to me that you can be an ambassador for about 5 years. Maximum 7. Because the brand itself needs to change, and during this time you will get a little fed up with each other. Therefore, the allotted time should be used to the maximum,”says top stylist Igor Khonin.


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