Elena Guzeva: “The Fabrics Themselves Inspire Me, When I See A Beautiful Fabric, I Can Fantasize For Hours” - NewsOnine

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Elena Guzeva: “The Fabrics Themselves Inspire Me, When I See A Beautiful Fabric, I Can Fantasize For Hours” - NewsOnine
Elena Guzeva: “The Fabrics Themselves Inspire Me, When I See A Beautiful Fabric, I Can Fantasize For Hours” - NewsOnine
Video: Elena Guzeva: “The Fabrics Themselves Inspire Me, When I See A Beautiful Fabric, I Can Fantasize For Hours” - NewsOnine
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Elena Guzeva is the creator and mastermind of the OLESIFASHION brand. Now top bloggers and show business stars dress in the OLESIFASHION bodysuit. The clothing brand is represented on the largest marketplaces in the country: WILDBERRIES, OZON.

Elena, where are you from? At what point did you decide to create your own clothing brand? Was that your childhood dream?

Born in Kazakhstan, at the age of 17 she moved to Moscow, most of her career worked in subsidiaries of PJSC Gazprom. I have always had a passion for fashion and tried to express my personality through clothing. It was not easy to do this: the mass market did not satisfy the needs, the clothes seemed unattractive, uninteresting, without the zest that I was looking for in clothes. Working in the reception room of the management obliged me to always look beautiful.

And then I decided to sew for myself. But soon my models became popular among friends and acquaintances.

Having studied the process of making clothes from building a pattern to sewing, I began to sew the first models to order and in 2019 created the OLESIFASHION brand.

In your own production, who is responsible for the design? And what are you focusing on in the first place?

I am the founder and designer of the OLESIFASHION brand. I will design my models myself. It is important for me that the bodysuits are beautiful and practical.

And from the shop that I outsource, I demand quality. Now the brand has production facilities in Moscow and a team of more than 50 people who work daily on service and product quality.

It is important for me that customers feel effective, comfortable and confident in OLESIFASHION clothes.

Why did you decide to name the brand "OLESIA"? Is there anything special associated with this name?

I named my brand after my beloved daughter Olesya. There were no other options. I dedicated my brand to my daughter, I hope that when she grows up, she will help me. She has a sense of style from an early age.

Where do you find inspiration?

I am inspired by my own achievements. When something turns out, the model becomes a hit, then you want even more. I am inspired by the fabrics themselves, when I see a beautiful fabric, I can fantasize for hours. The image develops by itself.

How did you manage to promote your brand from scratch? What is the secret of success?

I work with top bloggers and show business stars. The advertisement is engine of the trade. Also, our customers themselves make us free advertising by recommending our brand to their friends.

Girls love OLESIFASHION for its beauty and quality. I put my heart and soul into every new model developed. By the way, we have affordable prices. There is an opinion that the cost of limited-edition clothing and branded items is very expensive. I want to dispel this opinion, because in our store of branded clothing there are affordable prices.

In addition to a successful business, you have a wonderful daughter. How do you manage to manage your time and stay productive?

I try to delegate my affairs as much as possible. I have a large team and everyone is responsible for a certain direction, and I leave time for hanging out with my daughter and rest.

What fascinates you besides style and personal brand?

I love nature. I dream of living in the suburbs. In his house by the river I love fishing.

My goal for the coming years is to realize this.

What countries have you been able to visit? Are there any places that are particularly memorable?

I have been to Thailand, France, Italy, America, the UAE, the Maldives.

I remember especially the Maldives, since I won this trip.

The bank in which I was served conducted the "Dream Travel" drawing and randomly chose me as the winner and presented me with a ticket. My mother and I went on a tour to the Maldives and it was the most memorable vacation, because it was so unexpected and unplanned.

Tell us about your plans for the near future. Are you planning to expand your brand?

I am planning to expand the bodysuit line. I plan to have my own boutique in Moscow when the pandemic is finally over. Now is not the best time to start an offline business.

We will continue to work on the brand's popularity. There are many plans. A great desire to go forward and do what you love.

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