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Anniversary Season Of Miss Federation Project Took Place In Moscow - NewsOnine
Anniversary Season Of Miss Federation Project Took Place In Moscow - NewsOnine
Video: Anniversary Season Of Miss Federation Project Took Place In Moscow - NewsOnine
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Tuesday 25 August was truly the warmest day of the last summer month. This was made not only by the clear and warm weather in the capital, but also by the pleasant atmosphere at the final of the Miss Federation beauty contest - a sensational project from the Irbis MediGroup agency.

A prestigious 2-hour show was held in the Sovereign Celebration House. A luxurious playground with a contrasting interior in the classic Russian style became at this time the concentration of beauty in all forms.

The final of the 5th season was supposed to take place back in March, but due to all known events, it was postponed indefinitely. Both the venue and the concept of the show have changed. But it turned out to be for the best.

The project is conceived as the most ethical beauty contest in which all finalists receive titles, crowns and gifts that are extremely difficult to carry away in two hands. Thanks to high organizational training, girls receive ample opportunities for the accelerated development of their activities, whatever they do. Publications, broadcasts, photo sessions, selection of sponsors - everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

Founder of "Miss Federation" Ivan Irbis:

“I decided to do this project 5 years ago after I was on the jury of a competition in which the girls who reached the final did not receive anything. I felt sorry for them, because everyone is trying so hard, they have been preparing for so many days and even months. as a result, all laurels take 1st place, and for the rest the holiday takes on a taste of bitterness. I wanted to create not just a competition, but a holiday for everyone, where everything would be different, the finalists would be gifted with crowns and gifts. I wanted - I did. So it all started."

But despite the prizes and this no-losers concept, all 10 participants were worried and gave their 100%. The competition was held in 3 stages: an acquaintance and a fashion show, a talent show and a test of erudition. Before the girls appeared on the stage, the sponsors of the project came out, told about the gifts and wished everyone good luck. Among the prizes: cosmetics, vitamins, certificates for various services and even an artificial intelligence application.

And then the hour of H. came. The girls took turns on the stage and defiled across the entire hall of the "Sovereign" to the tables of the jury. They surprised with their education, active lifestyle, talents and beauty, not only external, but also internal.

And, of course, the talent competition was the brightest impression. The audience saw a real show, in the program of which: a live performance of songs, reading of their own poems, culinary treats, a show of their own collection of clothes and an enchanting dance number.

At the same time, voting took place on the competition website. Users made their choice in favor of the participant Elizabeth. The girl got a symbolic additional audience sympathy prize - a thermos. Another sympathy prize went to the same participant from the clothing designer Roza Minasyan - she presented an author's T-shirt.

The hosts of the evening were Yulia Zuban and Ivan Irbis.

The jury included: Natalya Bond, "Best Travel Agent-2019", who presented the participants with certificates for a trip to the Maldives, Mamunts Violetta - dentist, chief physician and owner of the Global Dent dental clinic, chairman of the jury - TV and radio host Asya Pugacheva.

Of course, the most emotional stage of the ceremony is the coronation. Surprisingly, this time all the ribbons and titles matched the girls' dresses. The organizers did not select them on purpose. It looked very impressive and stylish.

The final chord of the show was a birthday cake in honor of the anniversary of the project. The presenters said goodbye until next year, and correspondents attacked the crowned heads.

By the decision of the jury, all Miss Federation 2020 titles are distributed as follows:

Breakthrough of the Year - Diana Adeikina

"Perfection of the Year" - Elizaveta Chaikina

"Model of the Year" - Yulia Isaeva

"Girl of the Year" - Oksana Li

"Discovery of the Year" - Alena Olkhovskaya

Person of the Year - Alina Lin

"2nd Vice-Miss Federation" - Bertha Weiss

"Vice-Miss Federation" - Alexandra Brusentsova

Miss Federation 2020 - Milena Ollengrain

Miss Federation Grand Prix - Christina Dukhina

Official partners of Miss Federation 2020: Neutrale cosmetics, Artificial Intelligence investment agency, OmegDerm selective cosmetics line, Merz vitamins, Vittal law firm, Globaldent dentistry, Marina Budnik, Profi Hunt Travel, designer-jeweler Mikhail Malyavko, designer Roza Minasyan.

Media partners: magazines Megapolis Time, PROmovement, ModTopical, Prime One, Ballare, Esque, Trend's People, Night2day, and portals

Ekaterina Kuznetsova

Photo: Sergey Davidyuk, Alexey Meshkov

Source: Megapolis Time Magazine

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