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Lip Care In The Cold Season - Life Is Beautiful
Lip Care In The Cold Season - Life Is Beautiful
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In the cold season, our skin needs particularly careful and gentle care. The skin of the lips is the first to react to seasonal changes in the form of dryness and cracks, which constantly have to be dealt with. At this time, the lips need intense hydration and protection


NIVE has prepared a bright novelty - Tropical Mango Lip Balm with a truly summer scent that will remind you of warm days. Thanks to a unique formula with natural oils of shea, lemongrass, castor, the balm moisturizes lips throughout the day and protects against wind and sudden changes in temperature.


NIVE Tropical Mango Lip Balm has a subtle natural scent, and the formula with shimmering pigments provides a pleasant shine. It does not contain mineral oils, which makes lip care even safer and more effective.

The texture of the balm instantly melts on the lips, providing an even application, the necessary nutrition and eliminates the feeling of dryness and tightness. Remember to apply the product to your lips before going outside to protect them, especially in windy weather.

NIVE will recharge you with summer mood and take care of your delicate lips!

Innovative products for intensive lip care JUICY KISSES JUICY KISSES from Eveline Cosmetics are intensely moisturizing and revitalizing fruit balms designed for complete care of the skin of your lips. Lanolin softens lips, beeswax and vitamin E protect against dryness and flaking, and natural shea, argan and coconut oils nourish and make the skin soft, soft and supple. The balm instantly moisturizes the lips, giving them a luscious shine, and its light pleasant fruity aroma lifts the mood.

EXOTIC MANGO Lip Balm by Eveline Cosmetics - Fruit Lip Balm with Mango Oil is a delightful lip cosmetic with a unique rich formula:

• softening lanolin

• protective beeswax

• vitamin E

• BIO Coconut oil

• shea butter and aloe butter


Moisturizing and nourishing oil balm with exotic mango scent guarantees the delicate skin of the lips instant hydration and intense nourishment. You can use it on its own or after exfoliation to enhance your natural beauty and give your lips a shine.

Juicy Kisses Oil Balm contains natural ingredients and is free of parabens and silicones.

Lanolin - softens the epidermis, reduces flaking, soothes and smoothes the skin of the lips. Beeswax - protects, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

BIO coconut oil - has antioxidant, antibacterial, moisturizing and nourishing properties.

Shea butter is a rich source of vitamins A and E, which, among other things, slow down the aging process of the skin, protect it from free radicals and from external factors (frost, cold, sun and wind).

Aloe oil - has a moisturizing, soothing effect, supports the regeneration of the epidermis, protects the skin and hair from excessive water loss.

Vitamin E - Known as the “vitamin of youth”, it slows down the aging process of the skin. Vanilla, mango butter and cocoa butter - have antioxidant properties, contain a large dose of vitamins A, B, C and trace elements.

Eveline Cosmetics ExtrSoft bio Coconut Lip Balm is a unique lip care product.


ExtrSoft bio Coconut:

- instantly softens and smoothes the skin of the lips;

- restores elasticity and volume;

- effectively eliminates the feeling of dryness and tightness;

- perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, making it softer and smoother.

Ideal for dry, chapped lips!

Natural healing COCONUT OIL contains an incredible amount of essential acids for the body, incl. lauric and oleic, which make the skin resistant to external factors and provide it with moisture. In addition, coconut oil has sunscreen properties (SPF 7), prevents the appearance of flaking and painful cracks, and restores the skin's elasticity, softness and smoothness.

LIP BALM ExtrSoft bio is well absorbed, giving a feeling of lightness and comfort, and the exquisite scent of coconut will make each use of a cosmetic product a little beauty ritual and improve your mood!

Remember that the delicate structure of the lips is no less vulnerable than the skin of the eyelids. It is very thin, does not produce grease, does not sweat and dries quickly. Lip care is a very important part of your daily beauty routine. It is necessary to pay attention to them no less than the skin of the face

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