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Antiseptics That Kill Germs And Protect Your Hand Skin - Life Is Beautiful
Antiseptics That Kill Germs And Protect Your Hand Skin - Life Is Beautiful

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The coronavirus pandemic has made significant changes in the life of the entire planet. And no matter how unpleasant it was for us, we have to admit that antiseptics and masks have become an integral part of our life. In this article we want to tell about the used antiseptic agents, which kill bacteria and viruses, disinfect our hands and do not have a negative effect on the skin


Eveline Cosmetics responds quickly to consumer needs and offers topical products that limit bacterial growth for effective hand hygiene.

Antiseptics from the Handmed + line from the Eveline Cosmetics brand


An antibacterial cleansing and refreshing hand lotion hygienically cleanses the skin of the hands and leaves a feeling of freshness. The protective antiseptic formula effectively refreshes the skin, protecting it from the growth of bacteria. Does not require rinsing with water. Acts instantly immediately after application. Provides high efficiency and protection.

Contains 70% alcohol and has antibacterial properties.

Provides instant cleanliness and protection to the skin of the hands

Refreshing protective antibacterial hand gel with tea tree oil is intended for daily care, hygiene and giving freshness to the skin of the hands. The protective formula limits the growth of bacteria, provides effective hygiene without the use of water. Immediate action immediately after use provides high protection.

Gel antiseptic for hands with rosehip extract and allantoin Gel Antiseptic, ARAVIProfessional, 50 ml

Price: 300 rub.


Isopropyl alcohol - (isopropanol) is recommended by WHO as an effective means of protection against bacteria and viruses, especially during a pandemic. A virus is a protein molecule coated with a protective lipid membrane. Alcohol quickly and effectively destroys the external lipid defense of the virus and renders it harmless.

To protect your skin, we add active biocomponents to our antiseptics.

Rosehip extract - provides nutrition and prevents skin flaking.

Security measures:

Isopropyl alcohol based gel is highly flammable. Keep away from fire and excessive heat. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. For children, use only under adult supervision.


Squeeze a small amount of the gel into the palm of your hand and spread thoroughly over the skin until completely dry. Do not wash off!

Children's antiseptic gel for hands - ANTISEPTIC Hand Gel for KIDS by MIXIT, 60 ml

Price: 165 rub.

Children's antiseptic gel for the smallest and most delicate hands. Can be used by children from three years old strictly under the supervision of their parents. Avoid contact with eyes.


How does it work:

  • Isopropyl alcohol (at least 60% in the composition) destroys 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in less than 30 seconds. It is this percentage of alcohol in the composition that allows not only to protect the skin of the hands, but also not to dry it out;
  • panthenol has an effective regenerating, moisturizing and softening effect, has anti-inflammatory activity;
  • pleasant caramel aroma remains on the skin.
  • Result:
  • quick cleansing of the skin of the hands;
  • enhanced protection against dryness, microbes and viruses;
  • good skin hydration;
  • complete absence of a sticky feeling.
  • For whom: For caring mums and dads.
  • Choose a reliable antiseptic! And be healthy!

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