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Reebok By Pyer Moss Collection 3 - New Offering - Prshop
Reebok By Pyer Moss Collection 3 - New Offering - Prshop
Video: Reebok By Pyer Moss Collection 3 - New Offering - Prshop
Video: Kerby Jean-Raymond Gives an Inside Look to Pyer Moss Collection 3 2023, February

The centerpiece is contrasting black and white Reebok Fury Trail sneakers with bold blue and gold accents. As well as tracksuits, unusual T-shirts, hoodies, dresses, leggings, skirts, jacket and accessories for men and women. The non-standard cut of the products attracts attention - the designers cleverly and boldly play with shapes, textures and combinations.

The main colors of the collection are black and coral. In addition, abstract symbols are used in the design, and Sankofa remains the key element of this drop, like the entire Reebok by Pyer Moss series. Sankofa is a word in the Akan language of Ghana, which translates into Russian as "turn around and take what is yours." Visually, this symbol is depicted in the form of a bird wrapped around an egg on its tail. Sankofa symbolizes the idea of ​​returning to the past for what is rightfully yours.

The Reebok by Pyer Moss Collection 3 - New Offering is available at The lookbook is HERE.

On September 30, it became known that the founder of Pyer Moss, Kirby Jean-Raymond, became the creative director of Reebok. The first products under his creative direction will enter the market in 2022.

“I am thrilled to be an even bigger part of Reebok and join the team as the creative leader,” said Jean-Raymond. "I am ready to reinforce the brand with new ideas, as well as make the production of collections more conscious from a social point of view."

About Pyer Moss

• Pyer Moss's vision of fashion goes beyond the luxury category. The brand's ideological platform tells untold stories through fashion, film and visual arts. Authors explore the world and reveal its secrets through design.

• Kerby Jean-Raymond founded Pyer Moss in 2013. Since then, the brand has successfully collaborated with artists, brands and companies that share the Pyer Moss ideology.

• Pyer Moss collections are produced in New York, Italy and Portugal. Pyer Moss is sold in limited quantities in select boutiques around the world.

About Kerby Jean-Raymond

• Kerby Jean-Raymond began his career in the fashion industry at the age of 14. He trained with Kay Unger as a student at the Graduate School of Fashion Industry in New York, and after 2 years began working with Marchesa.

• After 11 years as a designer and fashion designer, Jean-Raymond founded Pyer Moss.

• Since its debut, Pyer Moss has garnered support from major national and international media outlets.

• Kerby Jean-Raymond has been listed on Forbes' 30 Under 30, Elle's 7 Most In-Demand Designers, and Crain's 40 Under 40. He won the ADC Young Guns Award, FGI Rising Star Award, Ebony's Future 15 Award, and was nominated for the Swarovski Award 2018 by CFD in the Debut of the Year category. More recently, he became the winner of CFDFashion Fund 2018.

About the Reebok brand

Reebok International Ltd. headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, is a leading global designer, marketer and distributor of apparel, footwear and equipment for sports, fitness and daily life. Reebok is a global brand and a true pioneer in the sporting goods industry with a rich history and legendary fitness heritage. The company develops products, technologies and software for continuous development, achieving maximum sports results and realizing its own potential. Reebok brings fitness enthusiasts together and supports their beliefs in every possible way, whether it's workout in the gym, running, walking, dancing, yoga or aerobics. Lifestyle Reebok Classic is designed for everyday use and is inspired by the brand's rich heritage in the fitness industry.

Reebok is part of adidas and is the exclusive supplier of equipment for the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship); General Sponsor of the Ragnar Relay Series; and Les Mills Group Training Wear.

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