New Collection BAON By Liasan Utiasheva Spring-Summer - Prshop

New Collection BAON By Liasan Utiasheva Spring-Summer - Prshop
New Collection BAON By Liasan Utiasheva Spring-Summer - Prshop

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Deconstruction, graphics, sports - a new interpretation of 80s fashion in the BAON capsule collection by Liasan UtiashevSpring-Summer 2018 The collection is inspired by memorable bright accents that dominated the women's and men's fashion of the 80s. A riot of colors, geometric cuts, wide belts and waistbands, asymmetric inserts - in the new season BAON again opens up a space for experimentation.

Despite the seeming extravagance, the models from the women's line are perfectly combined both with each other and with any items from the everyday wardrobe. Banana trousers with folds or gathers at the waist are made in noble shades - blue, deep blue, Marsala. Loose kimono jackets, floor-length dresses, gathered with belts at the waist, add lightness and elegant casualness to the image. Constructivist notes can be traced in the sophisticated cut of the blouses that open the shoulders. The models are eye-catching thanks to the asymmetrical details. Dresses with bat sleeves and high cutouts are reminiscent of favorite '80s looks. And, of course, one of the most interesting models of the new collection, a long denim skirt with slits on the sides. In the new collection BAON by Liasan Utiashev, they did not forget about the main Soviet attribute - a sports suit.The models are made in patriotic colors: bright red and dark blue in combination with white stripes resemble the uniforms of Soviet athletes and meet the latest trend that has not gone out of fashion for several seasons.

The "flashy" 80s complement the iconic products from the 60s: leather mini-shorts, blouses combined with thin knitted jackets. Thanks to the diverse palette of models from the new collection, you can create almost any look - from evening and feminine to daring and bright.

The men's line is presented with comfortable, stylish models, made in accordance with the general mood of the collection. Bright scarlet cotton T-shirts, models with an original hashtag print, laconic black and red trousers will be an ideal addition to a wardrobe, creating a comfortable and memorable image will not be difficult.

In the capsule collection you can find original children's models. Miniature tracksuits, the design of which repeats adult sets, will allow little fashionistas to feel comfortable in any situation and create an original mini-me image together with mom or dad.

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