Running Shoe Breakthrough: MBT's Hurricane Huracan - Shoes For Health

Running Shoe Breakthrough: MBT's Hurricane Huracan - Shoes For Health
Running Shoe Breakthrough: MBT's Hurricane Huracan - Shoes For Health
Video: Running Shoe Breakthrough: MBT's Hurricane Huracan - Shoes For Health
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Founded in 1996, MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) was the first in the world to introduce a shock-absorbing rolling outsole. Its creation was inspired by the Kenyan Masai tribe, whose members have lived for thousands of years with virtually no joint and back pain.

Since its inception, MBT has been creating physiological shoes that, when walking, standing and running, minimize stress on the spine and joints, train muscles, and improve posture. MBT footwear relieves the condition of heel spurs, intervertebral hernias, arthrosis, varicose veins.

In 2016, the company entered the running shoe market and began producing running shoes for the hobbyist, professional, marathon runner, and long-term recovery shoe.

Combining the accumulated knowledge of physiological and running shoes with modern design and materials, MBT has presented its most advanced running shoe - Huracan.

“The arrival of the Huracan marks the start of a revolution for MBT, our huge step towards a modern and premium running shoe line on the market,” said CEO Andy Chow. “As pioneers in the field of rolling shoes, we take our proven curved outsole technology, which has been refined since 1996, and combine it with new technologies and forward-looking designs to reaffirm our commitment. This makes us the most innovative, health-oriented running shoe brand in the world.

The Huracan is MBT's answer to the growing trend in running shoes for energy return and shock dissipation, usually achieved with a composite plate running through the midsole. But MBT has developed a completely new multi-layer outsole called MIDS (Masai Impact Distribution System).

MIDS absorbs impacts and disperses them outward in the heel and midfoot, reducing the amount of vibration passing through the body. It also reduces stress on the body and improves balance and stability in running and walking. The signature Pivot Strike roll axis completes the process by providing an active yet smooth roll with every step. The end result is a smooth and responsive motion from heel to ground to foot lift that minimizes fatigue and encourages constant forward motion.

The unique Huracan outsole construction, designed to resist impacts during running or recovery walking, maximizes protection and promotes faster, smoother turnovers. This improves running efficiency and reduces fatigue.

Additional features of Huracan sneakers:

- Exo-heel stance for optimal foot support and safety.

- Memory foam lining provides a custom fit for the heel and Achilles tendon.

- The forefoot uses M-Flex technology - a durable yet flexible mesh at the toe that adapts to the foot during different stages of running.

- Lightweight and breathable jacquard mesh upper with minimal seams.

- Abrasion-resistant outsole gives superior durability and improved traction for running on a variety of surfaces.

- Outsole tread pattern contributes to proper foot movement.

- Reflective elements increase safety when running in the dark.

MBT footwear is a certified first class medical device in Europe and remains the only major commercial footwear manufacturer. Many MBT models are accredited by the American Podiatric Association (APMA).

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