MBT Shoes Fall - Shoes For Health

MBT Shoes Fall - Shoes For Health
MBT Shoes Fall - Shoes For Health
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Meet autumn with new models from MBT

In the fall 2019 season, MBT continues to improve the hits that customers love and offers new original models.

Applying modern production technologies, innovative materials and adhering to its traditions, MBT from year to year produces comfortable footwear for life and various activities.

Designing the fall 2019 collection, the designers took into account the trendy colors of the season and included shades of blue, red, burgundy and green in it.

Rome 100 walking slip-on sneakers by their name seem to hint at a fascinating journey. Thanks to the breathable fabric and springy sole, they allow you to walk and see the sights indefinitely without feeling tired in your legs. The model is presented in four colors.

For everyday wear, jogging and light workouts, Gadi sneakers are created. The back is soft, does not chafe the foot, but at the same time is reinforced with a wide elastic band. In the women's model Gadi, the designers have embodied an unusual color combination - blue and powdery. Can be mixed with light and dark outfits.

The bright autumn novelty of the Colorado X sneaker is an updated version of the hit Colorado. The model is suitable for walking, Nordic walking and running in the city or on rough terrain (trail). Compared to its predecessor, the Colorado X is made of a denser but very soft mesh fabric. Burgundy, blue, black, light blue and green - the color scheme of this model for every taste!

Protect your feet in rainy weather with black Simba men's sneakers. The model is designed in such a way that it is comfortable in it both for a walk in the park and for a hike on rough terrain.

Tackle the marathon with the Zee running shoes. Thick outsole with three zones of different density provides cushioning and improves foot performance, relieving unnecessary stress. A trendy combination of shades of gray and lemon has been added to the Zee collection of color solutions.

Year of birth of MBT - 1996. The company specializes in the production of shoes with a physiological sole, which relieves stress from the spine, relieves the back and joints. Since 2016, MBT has been producing running shoes. A number of models are recommended by the American Podiatrist Association (APMA).

MVT footwear is sold in more than 30 countries around the world in 1000 multi-brand and more than 50 mono-brand stores. Store addresses, as well as collections and brand news are available on the website mbtshoes.ru.

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