Athletes Choose MBT Running Shoes - Shoes For Health

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Athletes Choose MBT Running Shoes - Shoes For Health
Athletes Choose MBT Running Shoes - Shoes For Health
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In 2016, the global brand MBT, specialized in the production of shoes with physiological soles, presented an innovative collection of running shoes. Athletes from around the world have already experienced the benefits of MBT Running shoes in sports.

Thus, 63-year-old Lim Ni Hu from Singapore ran the UltrGreat Britain marathon in MBT Zee 16 sneakers. In 50 days he covered 2500 km. Also in the Zee 16, the athlete participated in the race in the UK - 24 participants, 320 km and 4 days. Lim Ni Hu reached the finish line 5th.

- Sneakers MBT - just super! My legs are fine and this despite the fact that I have run 320 kilometers. No blisters or blisters like other runners. I will note that many of the participants in the race paid attention to my shoes, - said Lim Ni Hu.

Another athlete from Singapore, Paul Soo, represented his country at the Masters of Athletics Championships in Australia. He competed in the Speed ​​16 running shoe from MBT.

Meanwhile, the Danish athlete Christine Andersen set a new Danish record at the Icarus FloridUltraFest and finished fifth in the world rankings. In a multi-day sports event in Florida, Christine covered distances and obstacles in the GT and Zee running shoes from MBT.

- The last couple of days, the jogging has been especially intense and almost unable to rest. Perhaps, The Icarus FloridUltr is a race where you do not just test what you are capable of, but overcome your capabilities,”Christine shared her impressions. - When I had to run for about 6-7 hours, I felt as if time and movement had stopped. In total, I covered 680 km.

The extreme race in Australia Adventure Race World Championship 2016, which brought together participants from 30 countries, was attended by a team from Scandinavia led by Jonas Andersson. They were sponsored by MBT. Athletes covered 600 kilometers in running shoes from the MBT Running collection. The same team participated in the Xtrail Expedition sports competition in China, which included several disciplines - mountain biking, kayaking and trekking. And again, the MBT cross-country running came to the aid of the guys, which protected their legs during difficult tests.

About the MBT running collection

For 20 years, the global brand MBT has been producing shoes with a physiological semicircular sole. In the spring of 2016, the company entered the running shoe market.

After years of serious development, research and testing, a unique collection of running shoes has been created. The models presented in it are created for both beginners in running and professional runners. The innovative MBT sneaker provides consistent support for the foot in all positions. Running with them becomes comfortable, and most importantly - safe.

The running collection includes three types of models.

Speed is a lightweight and comfortable running shoe for both running and walking.

GT is specifically designed for avid runners looking for maximum softening and improved midfoot to forefoot transition.

The Zee delivers maximum cushioning while running and training. Also suitable for recovering from long runs and hard workouts.

For more information on MBT and the range of models, visit and

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