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What If Not A Down Jacket? A Fashionable Alternative For Winter In The City - Stylist Articles
What If Not A Down Jacket? A Fashionable Alternative For Winter In The City - Stylist Articles
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Do not think that in winter you can freeze to death in a coat. There are models designed specifically for sub-zero temperatures, in which it will be comfortable up to -10 degrees. It's all about the special insulation and, of course, the composition of the product itself. The formula for a good coat is outrageously simple: less synthetics, more wool and cashmere. If these conditions are met, frosts are not terrible.

As for fashion trends, this season free oversized models are relevant, differing in some kind of zest - non-standard cut, color scheme, bright details. For example, daring natures who are not shy about catching admiring glances on themselves may like coats with voluminous sleeves or extended shoulder lines. While the former refer to the aesthetics of romanticism, the latter clearly convey a strong-willed character and inner strength. Equally memorable are the low-rise double-breasted coats inspired by the silhouettes of the 80s. At the same time, the length can be any: below the knees it is suitable for those whose height is above 165 cm, and up to the middle of the thigh it will decorate a short girl 155-165 cm.

Absolute classics for all time - dressing gowns and laconic models with an English collar and a belt at the waist. Tired of caml color, this season can bet on shades recommended by the Pantone Institute - classic blue, purple violet and ultramarine green. Well, if you have a calm character, your option is a restrained palette of the natural range: oak bark, pearl gray, Cuban cigar color, cinnamon and cocoa.


By itself, this jacket carries the energy of sport and drive. But if the model is made of fabrics that resemble raincoat in color and texture, then the parka takes on a completely different sound and looks very appropriate even in a business wardrobe. True, you will have to choose such models from those that are trimmed with natural fur. Otherwise, the jacket will look very cheap and ruin even the most luxurious bow. As additions to the park, coarse boots and a rugged leather urban backpack are suitable. Then the image will turn out to be interesting and stylish. But it is better not to wear a park with ugami, dutikas and sneakers, unless we are talking about a Sunday walk in the park with the whole family. In the office, all these attributes of a sports marathon are very inappropriate.

Eco fur coat

For the second season, Cheburashka fur coats topped the ratings of the most fashionable wardrobe items for the autumn-winter period. Firstly, it is concern for the environment and a tolerant attitude towards animals, and secondly, the ability to have several models at once, given their low cost. They are unpretentious in care, easy to clean, almost never wiped off and thus attract even more attention of customers. If last year we were chasing colored fur coats, then this season we want calmness and balance, which means we choose classic sheepskin silhouettes, reminiscent of straight coats and jackets.

When choosing products made from eco-fur, it is important to pay attention to several details. The length of the fur coat should not spoil the growth and figure: namely, it should not end at the widest part of the hips and calves, be above the knee with a height of less than 165 cm and cover it if the height exceeds 167 cm.Excessively wide lapels can make the upper body heavier and widen the shoulders … The texture of the fur is optimally matched to the body type: not too dense and as flexible as possible will suit the owners of fragile and delicate figures, and girls with curvaceous shapes will look better in densely padded fur coats.

Sheepskin coat

And, finally, another hit of the fall-winter wardrobe - a bomber jacket or leather jacket. This model is borrowed from the arsenal of military pilots during the First World War and is densely settled both on the catwalks and in our closets. Taking into account the trend towards environmentally friendly consumption, it is better to choose a sheepskin coat from artificial materials than from natural fur. Moreover, the modern textile industry produces artificial fabrics that are not inferior to natural ones.

In addition to sheepskin jackets, models in the spirit of the 70s are relevant this season. Short and elongated, sheepskin sheepskin coats of a natural range, when a white curly collar looks spectacular on suede in shades of nougat and caramel.

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