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Inner Light 75+ Photo Contest - NovoSti
Inner Light 75+ Photo Contest - NovoSti
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The Sreda Research Service is organizing the Inner Light 75+ photo competition dedicated to bright old age. The organizers invite you to take a look at the elderly people next to us - those who have seen the time and are not afraid of it. Who are these heroes, what are they and what are we when we meet them? To participate, you need to send a photo of a hero aged 75+ and fill out a small accompanying questionnaire. Contestants can define their work in three nominations to choose from: "Photo professionals", "Photo amateurs" and "Homoprofessionals" (those whose profession is directly related to people).

“Around 75 and older, you start to see yourself honestly. This is a time of certain fragility, an age when you can allow yourself to be different. Until then, you can save yourself with social roles, but after 75 years you can see your soul,” says project manager Alina Bagrina. In parallel with the competition, art research is being conducted, the main task of which is to understand how and in what way the photographers see the inner light.

All photographs are judged by members of the jury - scientists and artists: actors, journalists, musicians, religious scholars. Each week they select one winner in each category. Photos have already been appreciated by the director of Russ Press Photo Vasily Prudnikov, director of Russ Press Photo, photographer Olga Papina, TV presenter Tutta Larsen, actress Daria Nosik, opera singer Vladimir Potansky, People's Artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Filippenko, documentary photographer Damir Faizulin, special photojournalist Ria-Novosti Ekaterina Chesnokova, Victoria and Anton Makarsky and others.

According to the results of the competition, the authors of the 10 best works for the entire period of the competition will receive certificates and cash prizes. The best 75 photographs will be included in the exhibition and an album that will be donated to 75 finalists.

Participation in the "Inner Light 75+" competition will give you the opportunity to:

- Share the light of a loved one

- Become a participant in the exhibition and publish your work in the photo album

- Get professional recognition

- Help conduct research and come closer to understanding the inner light

- Get a cash bonus

The Inner Light 75+ Photo Contest will run until May 15, 2021.

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