Benefit Performance Of Andrei Yegorov At The Russian Army Theater - NovoSti

Benefit Performance Of Andrei Yegorov At The Russian Army Theater - NovoSti
Benefit Performance Of Andrei Yegorov At The Russian Army Theater - NovoSti

Video: Benefit Performance Of Andrei Yegorov At The Russian Army Theater - NovoSti

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On the small stage of the Central Academic Theater of the Russian Army, a benefit performance by the leading actor of the theater, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Andrei Egorov took place. One of the first theatrical premieres that Moscow saw after a period of self-isolation, due to which the activities of all theaters were frozen - the play "Robinson in the Age of Google", became a discovery for the audience that evening. This performance, staged based on the play by Alena Chubarova "Robinson and the Lady without a Dog", has become the most vivid reflection of our time - the age of the Internet, "remote", social isolation and communication exclusively online.

The pandemic, as it turned out, made adjustments not only to the plot of the play, but also to its fate - initially its premiere was supposed to take place on April 15, on the day of Andrei Yegorov's anniversary. The fact that it took place on the day with the sacramental number 10/20/2020, and began at 20:10, the producer Irina Semenets, who spoke before the start of the performance, considered a happy sign. Andrei Egorov himself, the leading actor, said that the performance was ready at the end of March, but the period of self-isolation gave the creative team a chance to make it better by introducing recognizable details of 2020 into it.

Andrey Egorov is a theater actor who has played many roles in the theater and in the cinema over 25 years of work on stage: he has more than 60 roles, including the main roles in the TV series Smersh, Echelon, Varenka … Significant for him was the role of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II in the production of "The Red Wheel".

"Robinson in the Google Era" is a romantic comedy about how elderly heroes begin a complex game, first on the Internet, and then in real life. The energy of the actors - the creative tandem of Lyudmila Tatarova-Dzhigurda and Andrey Egorov - helped to feel the production. Andrey Egorov presented to the audience all facets of his dramatic and comedic talent. Throughout the entire performance, the audience has to puzzle over who is his character: either the hero-lover, or the swindler; either a shy loser or a charismatic intellectual. " This is a modern story in four scenes with an enchanting prologue and an unexpected ending. He, She and virtual reality: mysterious meetings, sensual dances and soulful vocals.

Unexpected twists of fate completely change our heroes and make us rush headlong towards unexpected adventures and long-forgotten feelings.

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Lyudmila Tatarova-Dzhigurda, who played the main character, describes the plot of the play as follows: “The play is about love! And what else can you play about ?! You can and should only play about love, and our performance is about that. About the fact that she is not subject to anything. About the fact that she can be at any age and under any circumstances! " Her heroine knows how to confuse a man and show what a real woman can achieve on the way to her goal. Fortitude and defenseless femininity, graceful provocation and comedic burlesque. Such incompatible facets are organically intertwined in one image thanks to the filigree acting work of Lyudmila Tatarova.

The director of the play DimIkar said that the team had chosen the play by Alena Chubarova "for the sake of modernity." “Now our parents, the older generation do not keep up with the trends of the Internet, but nevertheless they want to communicate. We wanted to show that in the online era it is still important to meet “live”. The enchanting dance numbers in which the actors do the impossible and literally fly over the stage have become a kind of musical continuation of the story of the heroes of the play. This is the merit of the dance director - artistic director of the Imperial Russian Ballet Theater, director, choreographer, Honored Art Worker of the Russian Federation Gediminas Taranda.

Text: Olga Morozova, Tatiana Lesnova

Photo: Tatiana Lesnova

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