The Third Annual Patriki Film Festival Has Finished Its Work - NovoSti

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The Third Annual Patriki Film Festival Has Finished Its Work - NovoSti
The Third Annual Patriki Film Festival Has Finished Its Work - NovoSti
Video: The Third Annual Patriki Film Festival Has Finished Its Work - NovoSti
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The third annual Patriki Film Festival has finished its work - a rich digest of premieres, meetings, discussions, discoveries and finds in the world of cinema. The general media partner of the festival was the Independent Media media holding, together with which on September 25-27 the Patriki Film Festival showed dozens of new film, television and web launches, gathered stars for meetings and frank conversations with viewers, opened the way for future talent to success and continued tradition of social initiatives. And although 2020 was not an easy year for everyone, the organizers of the Patriki Film Festival were able to successfully adapt the format of the festival: transfer it to an effective offline / online mode . All events were broadcasted in real time on Yandex.air and on Independent Media platforms.Offline took place at two venues - in the 418 Club on Malaya Bronnaya and in the GUM Cinema Hall. This year, for the first time, filmmakers were awarded special prizes from the Independent Media brands: Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, Esquire, Grazia, Robb Report, Domashny Ochag and Popular Mechanics,

The program includes a number of significant events:

Public talk about the audience award-winning film "Kinotavr" "Doctor Liza" produced by the KIT film studio with the leading role Chulpan Khamatova, director Oksana Karas and TV observer Arina Borodina

Premiere and discussion of the film "Three" by Anna Melikyan with the participation of Konstantin Khabensky (this picture also won the "Kinotavr" prize - for the best camera work)

Meeting with Alexander Tsypkin: performance of a short film according to his script entitled #THIS IS IMPORTANT Rezo Gigineishvili and the new series "Unprincipled"

Creative brainstorming # Unpitching with producer Marina Zhigalova, critic Anton Dolin and director Alexei German Jr

Meeting with producer Teymur Jafarov, head of Team Films, on the occasion of the presentation of the premiere projects for OKKO at the festival

Public talk "Forced Stop: A Look from the Inside" about the "Air" project with director Alexei German Jr., production designer Elena Okopnaya and film critic Susanna Alperina

Premiere of the films "Sasha is looking for talents" by Pavel Sidorov, produced by Alexandra Bortich, and "Looking for a goat!" Anna Kolchina and Alexei Kuzmin-Tarasov with Aglaya Tarasova in the title role

Football! Residents and guests of the Patriarchs watched the traditional charity football match in favor of the wards of the Konstantin Khabensky Foundation

Patriki Film Festival Awards: the special prize "Legend of Cinema" was awarded by the organizers of the festival, Alexei Bokov and Fatima Ibragimbekova, to an outstanding actor, cinematographer and resident of Patriarchs Sergei Shakurov. Marina Aleksandrova received the Star of Cinema Award from producer Marina Zhigalova

Important news from the initiators and organizers of the festival, Alexey Bokov and Fatima Ibragimbekova: film and media producer, shareholder of the Independent Medi media holding Marina Zhigalova becomes a co-founder of the Patriki Film Festival. “Alexey Bokov's offer to join the co-founders was unexpected for me, but it turned out to be very timely. I love cinema and together with Alexei I want to look for and attract new, not yet open names here, - says Zhigalova. - We intend to continue the development of Patriki Film Festival now in line with the competition, while remaining in the democratic, informal format for which the festival became famous. After all, the main thing for us is cinema in any of its forms, cinema as a reflection of attitudes, as a search for new themes, shades, facets, solutions."

Patriki Film Festival is an urban "festival of festivals" initiated by local filmmakers. No competitive attributes: only exciting premieres, warm friendly meetings with the stars, cool events. And this year, cinema has also covered gastronomic establishments “in the district”: in parallel with the Patriki Film Festival, the “Eat! Look! Love! ", which was attended by about 20 local restaurants and bars, offering their visitors not only special cinema gastronomic sets based on the most famous films, but also connection to the broadcasts of all events of the film festival. The gastrotest will last until October 4 and has already become a big event for movie gourmets: in the first week alone, the chefs submitted more than 1000 movie sets!

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