A Fantasy Of Freedom Without Looking Back! Moscow Summed Up The Results Of The Contest "Individuality In Fashion" - NovoSti

A Fantasy Of Freedom Without Looking Back! Moscow Summed Up The Results Of The Contest "Individuality In Fashion" - NovoSti
A Fantasy Of Freedom Without Looking Back! Moscow Summed Up The Results Of The Contest "Individuality In Fashion" - NovoSti

Video: A Fantasy Of Freedom Without Looking Back! Moscow Summed Up The Results Of The Contest "Individuality In Fashion" - NovoSti

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Video: VERO DÍAZ Fall 2021 Moscow - Fashion Channel 2023, January

Recently, Instagram hosted a unique photo contest "Individuality in Fashion" organized by the "Successful Child" agency.

The online marathon took place on Instagram, its goal was to reveal individuality and realize the value of our features, which make us unique! We all know that this is what is appreciated in the world of Haute Couture and High Art!

Children from 2 to 18 years old could take part in the competition, regardless of the region of residence, and since the project was inclusive, “special” children also became its participants.

For 2 weeks, 30 participants competed for prizes and gifts. They carried out the assigned tasks and sent photos to the jury.

The winner of the third stage of the competition was a fair-haired green-eyed beauty - Arina Luchko, a third-grade student of an ordinary Moscow school.

Despite the fact that study, as such, does not cause much enthusiasm, tk. there is not enough room for self-expression, school for Arina is the place where you can show yourself in beautiful outfits and jewelry, many of which are made with your own hands. She has been seriously engaged in beading for a long time. He also sings and dances with enthusiasm, loves to recite poems, fables, and always brings something original and unexpected into this.

Behind the fragile shoulders of a 9-year-old girl, she also has modeling experience - she studied for a year at the school of the Vyacheslav Zaitsev Fashion House. However, Arina does not yet connect her future life with glamorous catwalks. It was, rather, in order to become freer, more liberated, not to be afraid of the public, to learn to “keep your face” no matter what the situation might be.

Her mother, Irina, suggested that she take part in the competition, it was also spontaneous. Arina simply answered “yes”, and further creative work has already begun on the performance of tasks and the embodiment of images.

- I believe that it is worth taking part in such competitions, they provide new knowledge, acquaintances and skills. They open up new horizons and opportunities. Thanks to such activities, the horizons of both the child and his assistant expand, and you learn to see the seemingly familiar things in a different color and light. For me, as an adult, this competition was a turning point. At first I tensed that I would have to compete with “special” children, but then I realized that these are our, ordinary children in front of them, weaklings, and it is not only difficult to fight such guys, but sometimes it is very difficult. They are stronger in spirit, with extraordinary thinking and vision of ordinary things. Thanks to the organizers for this understanding! - so thinks Arina's mother.

For Arina herself, the competition became a way to express her emotions without fear of specific frameworks and rules. Letting your fantasy go free without looking back.

The frame that won in the third round was born completely by accident. The location for filming was chosen in advance - for a long time we had planned an excursion to the steam locomotive museum. When we arrived, we realized that we had done the right thing. I wanted to combine the "iron eternity" and the fragile image of a young girl. Arina just raised her hands, shouted something and froze, and her mother managed to "grab" the desired frame.

According to Arina, it gave her pleasure to think over the tasks, to bring them to life and is proud of herself in moments of victory. But the moments of defeat taught her to understand that in order to reach the top, it is necessary to work even more, study and learn more, study the subtleties and have a little more technical ability to implement the most daring ideas.

Arina herself does not yet know who she will become, but, for sure, she will go into the creative profession, because she likes to be in the thick of things and communicate with people.

By the way, she still, unlike her peers, does not have a smartphone or other fashionable gadgets. But, there is everything for outdoor activities and sports.

And even though she has not yet decided on the choice of the main path in her life, I would like to wish it to be successful!

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