Flowers Of Monsieur Ibrahim. The Story Of A Childhood - NovoSti

Flowers Of Monsieur Ibrahim. The Story Of A Childhood - NovoSti
Flowers Of Monsieur Ibrahim. The Story Of A Childhood - NovoSti
Video: Flowers Of Monsieur Ibrahim. The Story Of A Childhood - NovoSti
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From September 13, 2019, on the stage of the Vysotsky House on Taganka, a one-man show, created by the slc.Lab Creative Association based on the story by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, will begin.

Created on the basis of a light story by a leading European writer, "Flowers of Monsieur Ibrahim" is a performance-journey through Life itself!

… Poor quarter of Paris. 60s. On Blue Street lives a Jewish boy, Moses, whom everyone calls Momo. The kid saved up money, stealing it from his father on the sly, and now he eagerly smashed the piggy bank to buy the love of a prostitute on Paradise Street …

With such a somewhat shocking scene, a small but wonderful story begins. The story is that everyone grows up as best they can. About whether it is possible from an unhappy child to become a happy adult?..

A lonely boy desperately tries to find the keys to the world around him. A lonely old man is fenced off from this world by rows of boxes with washing powder and matches. This performance is a story about their meeting and friendship, adventures and travels. About how people, separated by age, origin and religion, can become the most dear to each other in the world.

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt is a philosopher and explorer of the human soul, writer and filmmaker, one of the most successful European playwrights. His books have been translated into 44 languages, and his plays are performed in over 50 countries. At different times Omar Sharif, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Alain Delon, Charlotte Rampling, Francis Ster shone in them. Among his most famous works are “The Gospel of Pilate”, “Oscar and the Pink Lady”, “Children of Noah”. Winner of many literary and theater awards, including the Goncourt Prize for the collection "Concert in Memory of an Angel".

The title of the performance refers to the story "Monsieur Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran" from the "Cycle of the Invisible". The play explores the writer's ideas about humanism and the formation of personality within the framework of the theatrical space, observing Schmitt's call to “preserve the spirit of childhood, the ability to dream and wonder”.

The play was created by Nikolai Karetnikov Jr., director and producer, creator of the slc.Lab Creative Association. The son of the composer Nikolai Karetnikov, one of the most important representatives of Russian music of the second half of the 20th century.

According to him, "Flowers of Monsieur Ibrahim" is both a fascinating story, to which it is impossible to remain indifferent, and a serious conversation on topics close to everyone - about life values, relationships with parents, spiritual growth, birth and death"

The role of the main character is played by Alexey Sychev. His stage repertoire includes works at the Roman Viktyuk Theater and at the 25th Row Studio Theater.

- The characters for whom I live my joys, sorrows, life and death during 80 minutes of the performance are as real to me as the audience in the hall. I can't help but remember myself at the age of my protagonist. The experience of growing up and overcoming life's difficulties, which I am talking about, can be useful to everyone, - comments Alexey.

The creative association slc.Lab, on the basis of which the performance was staged, has existed since 2017 and aims to create and promote art devoid of commercial orientation and its integration into modern society. The association runs laboratories in the field of drama theater, contemporary dance and visual arts. The play “Flowers of Monsieur Ibrahim. The Story of One Childhood”is the first result of slc.Lab's work, which the theater considered possible to show to a wide range of spectators.

The Hennessy Social and Cultural Foundation also supported the production.

- The format of a solo performance is always a very big responsibility not only for the actor, but also for the viewer. Alexei managed to tell this story in such a way that each of those present in the hall could find something "about himself" in it. Remember your childhood, people who influenced it. The flowers that they brought into their lives, in those childhood days,”says Svetlana Stishkova, director of the Foundation.

The Vysotsky House on Taganka invites viewers to go on a fascinating journey through life together with the heroes of the play “Flowers of Monsieur Ibrahim. The story of a childhood”.

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