More Than 2 Thousand People Attended The First Moscow Forum Of Beauty And Health! - NovoSti

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More Than 2 Thousand People Attended The First Moscow Forum Of Beauty And Health! - NovoSti
More Than 2 Thousand People Attended The First Moscow Forum Of Beauty And Health! - NovoSti
Video: More Than 2 Thousand People Attended The First Moscow Forum Of Beauty And Health! - NovoSti
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On June 15, the Fashion Museum hosted the first Moscow Forum of Beauty and Health - the largest summer charitable event of the Oksana Fedorova Foundation “Hurry to do good!”, Timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the foundation

At the opening of the Forum, Oksana Fedorova, President of the Foundation, Miss Universe, TV presenter, Director of the Fashion Museum IEC, noted: “The Moscow Beauty and Health Forum is an open platform for dialogue and discussion on topics that excite every woman: how to preserve beauty and youth, how achieve success in life, find yourself, create a family and realize yourself as a person. In the future, we would like this Forum to become a permanent event where every woman can get free consultations from doctors, psychologists, stylists, gain new knowledge that will help make life brighter and, possibly, open up new perspectives!"

The executive secretary of the Coordination Council of the National Parents' Association Alexey Vladimirovich Gusev and the trustee of the Fund, actress, founder of the Good Day project Regina Myannik made a welcoming speech to the Forum participants. A bright opening of the Forum was the performance of young ballerinas from Yegor Simachev's Ballet Workshop.

One of the brightest sessions of the forum was the public talk "Beauty in the modern world" with the participation of the winners of beauty contests of different years: Oksana Fedorova (Miss Russia 2001, Miss Universe 2002), Polina Dibrova (Mrs. Russia 2017), Vera Krasova (Vice-Miss Universe 2008), Elizaveta Golovanova (Miss Russia 2012), Svetlana Goreva (1 Vice-Miss Russia 2000, Beauty of Russia-2003). The participants shared their secrets of beauty and youth, as well as life stories on the harmonious combination of personal success, career and happy family life. As Polina Dibrova noted, “in order to do everything and look great, you need to master the main skill - the ability to correctly plan your day in advance, and this applies to all aspects - from the menu for the family to the schedule of meetings and events”.

The stylish conclusion of the session was a fashion show with dresses from the great couturier Vyacheslav Zaitsev, the fashion house Humariff, the Enteley brand, the participant of the Young Couturier competition, the novice designer Lyudmila Kaplan (head of work Lyudmila Mitryaeva). And the halls of the Museum were decorated with fashion compositions with images from the Ofer brand and a flower dress made of paper by the participant of the Young Couturier competition - the novice designer Maria Deinekina.

A real gift for all the participants was the opportunity to visit the beauty corner from the Cesare Ponti salon, to change their image with the help of professional stylists' advice.

The motivational session of the famous TV presenter, psychologist and coach Anetta Orlova "The Psychology of Success" aroused particular interest among the participants, who were presented in a convenient form with useful advice on how to competently set life goals and priorities, find a balance between family, work and taking care of their health and beauty. Also, the participants were presented a master class by the psychotherapist Sergei Timofeev on the topic "The main factors of confident behavior."

In the Women's Health session, experts from the Medsi network of clinics presented detailed answers to the questions of the participants received through the Forum's website: chief gynecologist Liana Aminova, head of the department of dermatovenerology and medical cosmetology Svetlana Kukushkina, endocrinologist Anna Krivosheeva.

All participants of the Forum received in printed and electronic form a specially developed Leaflet "Simple answers to complex questions", compiled in cooperation with the scientific consultant of the Forum, the chief obstetrician-gynecologist of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Leila Adamyan.

The Healthy Food corner was open throughout the day at the Forum: everyone could taste healthy EkoNiva dairy products, low-calorie desserts “0 calories”, as well as take part in a master class with the chef of the seafood restaurant “Ne confuse the shores”by Sergei Dotsenko, listen to a lecture by psychologist Ilya Suslov. In the area of ​​medical consultations, children's doctors of the D.G. PER. Bashlyaeva, as well as female health specialists from the Medsi company.

And the uppermost floor of the Museum united a playground for children with entertainment from, Twin Kids, master classes from art therapist Elina Berseneva and a children's beauty zone of the Imaginary network; a sports ground with dance master classes from the GallaDance studio and Starhit magazine, the famous dancer and founder of the Rendezvous dance theater Evgeny Malyshko and catwalk master classes from the Royal Model Agency; as well as a lecture hall with lectures from the expert of the Museum of Fashion Polina Ukhanova, a lecture on children's recreation from an expert of the Alean Family Resort Collection Svetlana Makarova, as well as an exhibition on the topic "Perfume and Books" of the Russian State Children's Library and master classes from famous artists.

The Forum ended with a children's fashion show of the collection of Svetlana Goreva Lana2rock kids and a musical concert with the participation of friends of the Fund: the winner of the show "Success on STS" Iva Nabiev, Dayan Brut, Sonya Baranova, Polina Fedoseeva, Pavel Soldatikov, the Fidgets team, and artists from the Malf label - Evgenia Mayer, KAMI XXO and DONO!

The hosts of the Forum were artist and showman Ivan Chuikov, singer and musician Dmitry Nesterov.

The Forum project is the winner of the Moscow Mayor Grant Competition for socially oriented NGOs, held by the Moscow Committee for Public Relations and Youth Policy.

Forum partners: Royal Model Agency, DGKB im. PER. Bashlyaeva, Russian State Children's Library, Association "Raising the reader", salon Cesare Ponti, "MEDSI",, National Parents' Association, GallaDance, Imaginary, Econiva, 0 calories, Twin Kids, Lana2rock kids,, restaurant "Do not confuse the shores ", Flower shop Florans, Humariff, Yamaguchi, Studio77, resource center" Mosvolonter ", project" Good day ", Salads" Belaya Dacha ", Alean Family Resort Collection, Yegor Simachev's ballet workshop.

Media partners of the Forum: Soulful Moscow, Starhit, TV BRICS, Life. The Art of Living, Moscow Charity, Greater Moscow, Radio Italy, Cetre, MediaMetrics, PiFM, Galaxy Standart.

The charitable foundation was created in 2009 by the famous TV presenter, Miss Universe Oksana Fedorova in order to create and promote cultural and educational programs and projects aimed at supporting and popularizing family values, patriotic and sports education, as well as providing targeted assistance to children with complex diseases. Fund programs: "Culture and Education", "Be in shape", "I want to help." The Foundation is located in Moscow, has no branches and offices.

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