Flagship "Family" Clinic Opened In The Center Of Moscow - Myata.pr

Flagship "Family" Clinic Opened In The Center Of Moscow - Myata.pr
Flagship "Family" Clinic Opened In The Center Of Moscow - Myata.pr
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A new medical center "Semeynaya" was opened just 100 meters from the Kievskaya metro ring station at st. Bryanskaya, 3. The location next to the largest transport hub makes the clinic as convenient as possible for residents of different Moscow districts.

On an area of ​​4200 sq. M. all key medical areas of the "Family" are represented, including, in the new center on Kievskaya, patients can be provided with all types of dental services by the Denta El network, already beloved by many Muscovites.

A large diagnostic center will operate on the basis of the new clinic, as well as an oncological hospital for 30 chairs and 60 beds - the Center for Immune Targeted Therapy. This gives patients the opportunity to receive high-quality medical services in these areas, including within the framework of the compulsory medical insurance system.


The new clinic has expert-level equipment.

All the rules for organizing a barrier-free environment for patients with limited mobility have been followed.

The wishes of patients with different working schedules are taken into account - MRI, CT and X-ray are available at any convenient time.

Since the end of January, these and some other studies have been carried out around the clock.

Pavel Yakovlevich Brand, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Medical Director of the Semeynaya network of clinics:

• Oncology and chemotherapy is a new direction for the Kievskaya network of clinics. We implement the concept of a modern clinic with a strong team and a full range of modern chemotherapy treatments. Chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy will be carried out exclusively according to international protocols.

For the first time, a full-fledged diagnostic department will appear in our network. Computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, mammography, gastro- and colonoscopy under general anesthesia will be available very soon. It is important to clarify that research can be carried out not only on a paid basis, but also within the framework of VHI service programs.


Network of medical clinics "Family"

The first clinic "Semeynaya" was opened in Moscow in 1998. Today the medical network includes 15 large Moscow and regional centers. The level of practicing doctors allows to carry out many types of complex surgical interventions in the field of gynecology, urology, traumatology, proctology, vertebrology, otorhinolaryngology, phlebology and plastic surgery. The equipment meets international standards.


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