Irrigators Are In Fashion: What Is It And What Are Its Advantages - Newsletter

Irrigators Are In Fashion: What Is It And What Are Its Advantages - Newsletter
Irrigators Are In Fashion: What Is It And What Are Its Advantages - Newsletter
Video: Irrigators Are In Fashion: What Is It And What Are Its Advantages - Newsletter
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Every day, people brush their teeth with toothbrushes, floss clean the space between the teeth, rinse the mouth with special products that help get rid of food debris, plaque and unpleasant odors. There is one more device that helps to monitor the health of the oral cavity.


An irrigator, or water flosser, is a device that, due to a stream of water directed with a certain pressure on any part of the oral cavity, cleans even small impassable cracks, removes plaque that a brush or dental floss cannot reach, and gets rid of harmful bacteria. Thanks to this device, the effectiveness of daily oral hygiene is greatly increased, and its condition also improves.

Dentist, therapist Olesya Zabelina will also talk about the advantages of the irrigator.

"In order for the health of the teeth and gums to always remain strong, it is necessary to properly monitor them. Dentists advise using a device such as an irrigator to help you care for your oral cavity. It helps not only to care for your teeth and gums, but also does an excellent job. with cleaning of braces, implants, crowns and even dentures. " - says a specialist of the network of clinics CIDK.

Often, when talking about caring for the oral cavity, people only mean brushing their teeth, but do not forget about the interdental areas, since it is in them that harmful bacteria develop more often, which appear from pieces of leftover food. It is also worth noting that plaque, which is more often used to see only on the teeth, develops in the spaces between the teeth. Both bacteria and plaque lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Irrigators are of three types:


They work from the nearest outlet, are installed in the bathroom, are quite durable, and are also equipped with more modes that will come in handy in proper and pleasant oral care.


They are battery operated, can be moved as needed, convenient for travel and travel, smaller and lighter than a stationary one. Unlike stationary, mode switching is sharper, due to which it is more difficult to adjust for children and people with diseased areas in the oral cavity.


Installed in the bathroom, attached either to the shower head or to the faucet, they do not depend on the outlet, battery and water container, but are more difficult to use and, like stationary ones, they cannot be used out of reach.

When buying an irrigator, special attachments are included with it. Most often these are:

- Nozzle for brushing teeth and gums, standard on all models of irrigators

- Orthodontic attachment for cleaning places under braces and edges of the gums from plaque. Instead of it, you can safely use a standard tip, but the orthodontic one is more convenient.

- A tip with a fine tip made of soft rubber is called a periodontal tip, and it helps to clean the space at the gingival margin and in the periodontal pocket. This attachment cannot be used at maximum power.

- The plaque removal tip helps to effectively treat implants, crowns and bridges. It has a tip with three tufts of bristles.

- There is also a special tongue cleaning nozzle, with which you can get rid of plaque on the tongue, which causes bad breath.

- The brush attachment is needed for additional cleaning of the oral cavity from plaque. It is worth noting that although it resembles an ordinary toothbrush, it cannot be replaced with it.

- There is also a nozzle that is not intended for the oral cavity - the nasal one. Its use is associated with the special instructions of the doctor, which are given in the process of treatment or prevention of rhinitis and sinusitis.

It should be noted that the range of these devices on the market is quite extensive. As they say, taste and color. But do not be mistaken that this device allows you to visit the dental office less often.

If you have any problems using the irrigator, always contact a specialist: dentists.

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