Fashion For Beautiful Legs: How To Deal With Nail Fungus? - Newsletter

Fashion For Beautiful Legs: How To Deal With Nail Fungus? - Newsletter
Fashion For Beautiful Legs: How To Deal With Nail Fungus? - Newsletter
Video: Fashion For Beautiful Legs: How To Deal With Nail Fungus? - Newsletter
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Facing nail fungus is one of the most unpleasant problems for any person. Firstly, it looks very unaesthetic and makes to hide imperfections, and secondly, this disease destroys both the upper and inner layers of the nail. What to do if suddenly such a disease has not bypassed the nails of the hands and feet? Yulia Mironikhina, a podologist at the TsIDK network of clinics, will tell you how to cope with the trouble and forget about the fungus forever.


Treatment of mycosis (fungal infection of the nail) should begin strictly after microscopic examination, which will show the type of microorganisms. From here it is already worth starting from when choosing the right treatment. Self-medication is risky, so Julia recommends, if you suspect a nail fungus, contact a dermatologist, who will prescribe systemic treatment with drugs of a mycotic nature.

Where does the fungus come from? Sources can be very different. The very first of these is the family. Further, it can be brought in from pools, saunas, gyms, beaches, as well as someone else's shoes.

Also, the cause of the fungus is always post-trauma to the patient's skin or nails. Mycosis occurs as a result of damage to the injured area.

Initially, a particle of the fungus initially gets on the skin, then it goes to the nail plates and remains where it is most comfortable for it.

Moreover, there are a number of factors that allow the fungus to develop:

- Age 60+

- Diabetes

- Impaired blood circulation

- Weakened immunity

- Uncomfortable, tight shoes

Fungus of the nail does not immediately show itself and does not cause physical discomfort. Over time, the nail plate begins to change its appearance, spots and a yellowish strip appear. It is necessary to take control of the nail fungus in the early stages, otherwise then the disease will begin to progress and this can lead to not the best consequences.

How is fungus treated? Most often, systemic therapy (taking mycotic drugs), local treatment of the skin and nails, cleaning, home care of the patient, monthly monitoring and treatment in the podiatrist's office are used for this.

As a home care, Julia recommends taking baths with sea salt and tea tree oil. Slippers should be worn at home, they should be individual for each family member, since anyone can be a carrier of this infection. The scale of the mushroom is so small that it will perfectly pass through the fabric of the sock. Therefore, it is necessary to observe hygiene of the feet, especially in case of hyperhidrosis, wash them with hot water and soap, disinfect them with myco-sprays and creams after visiting public bathing places, keep feet dry and maintain immunity.

It is also very important to constantly clean the nail plates, which will remove unstable areas, lesions. Moreover, it is necessary to carry out the so-called sanitation and skin treatment. In podiatry, the affected areas are sanitized and the patient's therapy is monitored until complete recovery.

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