Acupuncture: Chinese Medicine Works Wonders - Newsletter

Acupuncture: Chinese Medicine Works Wonders - Newsletter
Acupuncture: Chinese Medicine Works Wonders - Newsletter
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Acupuncture is one of the ancient procedures that originated in China. Its essence is to act on certain points of the body with the help of needles. As a result, a person is cured of many diseases, the body rejuvenates, and the skin tightens, becomes elastic and velvety. What else is famous and useful for Chinese medicine will be told by Mariyat Mukhina, doctor of medical sciences, neurologist, reflexologist, dermatologist, founder of the federal clinic Origitea.


“The acupuncture procedure works wonders for the human body. It allows you to restore the body after mental disorders, cure some diseases, correct and rejuvenate the skin, lose weight and many other beneficial effects,”says Mariyat.

This procedure was popular in ancient China. It was used by girls to preserve youth and beauty. To this day, it remains in demand in cosmetology, dermatology, neurology and in many other areas of medicine.

Effects of the procedure:

The main result that can be obtained with this procedure is rejuvenation.

Acupuncture can slow down aging, as well as rejuvenate a person's face for 10-15 years. Shallow wrinkles disappear, the skin is leveled, dark circles under the eyes, swelling and double chin disappear.

Blood microcirculation increases, providing tissue cells with oxygen, which gives the skin a healthy color.

The production of synthesis of elastin and collagen is increased, which makes the skin more elastic and taut.

Moisturizes the skin and also reduces its porosity, which significantly reduces the appearance of acne.

In parallel with rejuvenation and beauty, you can get rid of some diseases. To do this, you need to know certain points responsible for a particular ailment. But it should be borne in mind that only a qualified specialist knows the correct technique, who will definitely help, and not harm.

The affection points on the face:

1st point - neurotic conditions, difficulty sleeping, vegetative-vascular disorders. This point is located in the middle of the top of the head, on top of the crown. With this point, you can cope with insomnia.

The 2nd and 4th points or "clear light" affect the visual apparatus, as well as headaches of various origins. It is located approximately 3 millimeters from the corner of the eye, from the side of the nose. It relaxes the eyes, removes tearing, lowers the pressure in the fundus, and when exposed to this area, you can regularly get rid of diseases of the visual apparatus.

3rd point - dizziness, vascular headaches, especially in the frontal part, the genitourinary system. The location of the point is between the eyebrows, above the bridge of the nose. If, when interacting with this point, pain appears, then one can judge an incipient disease of the genitourinary system or an existing one. With the constant study of this point, the disease can be brought into a state of remission.

5th point - convulsions, insomnia. This point is located directly on the bridge of the nose. It helps prevent or stop seizures. It also helps to cure insomnia and headaches.

6th point - migraine. It is located at a distance of about one and a half centimeters near the eye, on the outside of the face. Helps relieve severe cramping and headache.

7th point "sun" - throbbing pain in the temples and head. You can find it near the temporal cavity, in the center between the edge of the brow arch and the auricle.

8th point - diseases of the nasopharynx, malfunction of the stomach, dizziness. It is located under the lower eyelid. Discomfort at this point indicates problems in the stomach or sinusitis and frontal sinusitis. Regular study of this point will help get rid of these diseases.

The 9th point or "earthly storeroom" is a nervous tic or diseases associated with the nervous system. The location of this point is at a distance of 1 centimeter from the corner of the lips to the side.

10th point - diseases of the thyroid gland, nerve pinching in the neck. This point lies upward from the lower jaw, at an angle to the eyebrow. Relaxes the neck muscles very well. With regular repetition, the level of thyroid disease can be reduced.

11th and 12th points - edema, overexcitation, a problem with the work of internal organs and the brain. It is located under the tip of the nose, above the upper lip.

13th point - fear, stress, negative impressions. It is located between the chin and the lower lip. Helps relax the body in times of stress or fear. It also gets rid of negative emotions.

This is not the whole list of important points on the face, when interacting with which you can get both the effect of rejuvenation and get rid of some diseases. It is important to clearly know where these or those points are, and how to properly carry out this procedure. Therefore, in order to avoid negative consequences, it is not recommended to carry it out at home on your own. An experienced doctor will select the appropriate points based on the individual characteristics of the person.

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