Fashion For French Manicure - An Upgrade Of The Classics - Newsletter

Fashion For French Manicure - An Upgrade Of The Classics - Newsletter
Fashion For French Manicure - An Upgrade Of The Classics - Newsletter
Video: Fashion For French Manicure - An Upgrade Of The Classics - Newsletter
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Choosing a manicure is not an easy task. We need to choose a style, color and have an idea of ​​what our heart wants in general. Sometimes girls want something simpler, more modest, but elegant. Classic French manicure has become the solution to this problem, but the thought often arises: is it too commonplace and how can you diversify the usual version of nail design? Tatyana Shutova, the founder of the federal network of nail studios 4hands, and an entrepreneur, will help to answer this question.


“Girls dream of beautiful and healthy nails. French manicure is an ideal solution if you want to look businesslike, strict and tasteful, but at the same time feminine and gentle. French may seem too typical, but there are a lot of creative solutions. Relying on the imagination of the master or your own imagination, you can create a design that attracts admiring glances, without departing from the classic drawing "- says Tatiana Shutova.

Top 7 Styles of Interesting French Manicure:

Classic jacket with the addition of rhinestones

This choice is suitable for those who want to add a minimum of details to their manicure, but diversify the classics. Nails will look not only beautiful, but also with a touch of sophistication. In order to improve such a manicure even more, you can use a base of nude shades, in particular peach, pastel, pink and other colors. The main thing is not to overdo it with the amount of decorative materials. Rhinestones can be placed on one nail of each hand, they can outline the inner line of the white zone, or replace it on the selected finger. If one decorated nail is not enough, you can make decor on the ring and thumbs.

French, combined with the "ombre" technique

The fashionable trend of nail design "ombre" or "gradient" will decorate the French manicure. Most often this is done with the help of gel polish, because girls want to preserve this beauty for longer. To make a French manicure with the ombre technique, they use both glossy and matte varnish. Matte french ombre looks elegant and stylish, and with a glossy base it is very elegant. In order to save time, craftsmen often turn to an airbrush, which greatly simplifies the task of completing this design. By the way, it is this option that visually lengthens both nails and fingers, which means it creates the impression of more graceful female hands.

French manicure with bright accents

A jacket with a brightly colored base and a stripe will be an excellent choice for bold and daring fashionistas. Actual and trendy French manicure in rich colors looks good in combination with moon nail designs. A manicure in luscious shades is ideal for those who like to be bright and stand out from the crowd. In addition, in the autumn season, during rainy days, it is a great way to cheer yourself up.

Combination of silver and gold

An unexpected combination was a gold and silver jacket. A manicure with the finest metallic and yellowish sparkles will be the perfect option to complement a festive outfit and create an unforgettable look. However, gold and silver from year to year help out the fair sex, becoming a kind of classics. Therefore, how long these eye-catching colors will last in the trends of 2020 is impossible to predict. It should also be noted that gold and silver are a rather heavy option for a solid color covering the entire hand. Do not forget that even the choice of design must be approached with the head, and the colors themselves must not be combined with each other. When choosing gold elements, you should not mix them with silver ones.

French manicure with glitter and sequins

Glitter and sparkles will make the jacket truly festive. The iridescent colors of small sequins will quickly cheer you up with a play of light, even during the fall weather. Thin lines, drawings, complex flooded figures or a solid shiny monotonous color will bring a feeling of a small celebration, because this is what is so lacking on cloudy days.

Geometric jacket

Another trend of 2020 is geometry. She has always had a special influence on fashion trends, and manicure was no exception. Nail service specialists create clear, even and geometrically correct lines on clients' nails. You can combine shapes in both symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns. Geometric French manicure will add a touch of laconicism to a fashionable look.

French with floral and openwork patterns

Classic French manicure looks fashionable, but you always want something new.

Professionals in the creation of nail design do not stop mixing techniques and types in order to create an interesting manicure in original and unexpected solutions. Flowers and light lace on the nails will look gentle and sophisticated, they will become a stylish addition to any bow, perfecting it and focusing on the sensuality and femininity of its owner.

Nail service specialists do not miss any of the most fashionable trends and create unique designs for their clients. Having listened to all the wishes, the master can not only make all fantasies come true, but also give practical advice. Do not forget that sometimes good masters themselves create top trends in the field of manicure.

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