Fashion For A Snow-white Smile: How To Match The Trend - Newsletter

Fashion For A Snow-white Smile: How To Match The Trend - Newsletter
Fashion For A Snow-white Smile: How To Match The Trend - Newsletter
Video: Fashion For A Snow-white Smile: How To Match The Trend - Newsletter
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A perfect snow-white smile is the dream of millions of people. But how to achieve it, Natalia Kadkalova, a dentist, founder and chief physician of the LPeregrina dental clinic, will tell you.

“To create a Hollywood snow-white smile is possible only with the help of a complex of procedures, care and hygiene. However, do not forget that dental health is much more important than their color. First you need to cure all the teeth and correct aesthetic problems, and only then work with their color. For some, professional hygiene will be enough, but for others, long-term treatment, dental restoration and regular professional whitening are necessary, all individually,”explains Natalia Kadkalova.

Chemical bleaching

The whitening compound is applied to the enamel, and after a while it becomes lighter. This is due to the oxygen reactions of the bleaching component. The main advantage of this method is its low price and long-term result (about two years). However, this procedure can cause tooth sensitivity.

Laser whitening is a professional procedure that gives excellent results in a short period of time. It is done in several stages: first, the teeth are covered with a gel with hydrogen peroxide, and then they are illuminated with a special laser. Such whitening changes color by 5-10 tones. The effect lasts up to two years with proper dental care and good hygiene.


A fairly strong effect is achieved with the help of photobleaching. A smile can become 11 shades lighter in about 5 years. During the procedure, the doctor applies a gel to the enamel, which releases oxygen under the influence of a halogen lamp. This leads to the breakdown of dark pigments inside the tooth enamel.

Removal of plaque

With the help of an ultrasonic scaler, which helps to remove tartar, you can get rid of plaque and, thereby, make your teeth healthier and whiter by 2-3 tones at the same time. The procedure is practically painless, but it needs to be done every six months.


Brightening with gel

The procedure is painless, and its result will not be long in coming. Such whitening can deal with the yellowness caused by smoking and eating. The effect will not last long, but the gel brightening will maintain a snow-white smile after professional treatments.

Clarification with solution

This procedure requires an individual mouthguard, which is made to order. Every day for 2 weeks it is necessary to wear it for 20 minutes, after which the teeth will become 2-3 tones whiter.

Suspension clarification

The procedure is suitable for bleaching various pigments. The suspension is based on hydrochloric acid with carbide particles, it is rubbed into the tooth enamel for 30 minutes and then washed off. The effect will be short-lived, but it will make the teeth a couple of shades whiter.

A snow-white smile will give you self-confidence, good mood and many positive emotions. It is better not to whiten your teeth at home and turn to a professional who will help you choose the appropriate procedure depending on your individual characteristics, tell you how to maintain a snow-white smile for several years and how to care for your teeth.

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