All The Wonders Of Fashion Blog Presets - Newsletter

All The Wonders Of Fashion Blog Presets - Newsletter
All The Wonders Of Fashion Blog Presets - Newsletter

Video: All The Wonders Of Fashion Blog Presets - Newsletter

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Video: Rich Man — Mobile Preset Lightroom New 2020 DNG For Fashion Blogger | Tutorial | Download Free 2023, January

Over the past few years, Instagram has become a huge platform for realizing your creativity, work and monetizing your blog. The quality of the content and the general stylization of the feed, especially for fashion brands, and in general, representatives of creative directions are decisive in the struggle for a buyer. For a harmonious feed, many users of this social network began to make the feed in a single style: one color palette, single frames, filters, use presets. Yana Leventseva, Russia's top travel blogger, art photographer, businesswoman, makeup artist and author of numerous information products, will tell you more about the latter.


“I have been the author of many courses on mobile processing for many years and I can confidently say that visual is one of the most important factors for getting to the TOP of your blog. In order to simplify the task of editing photos, ready-made presets with certain settings were created,”says Yana.

It is important to understand that presets consist of ready-made settings that are superimposed on a photo. But not every one of them will look harmonious, there are several reasons for this:

Color balance difference

Different white balance of the frame in the preset settings from the original photo

In order to fit the finished preset, it is worth adjusting the temperature sliders so that the photo becomes concise.


What are presets for?

It's very simple - make a good shot better. Just a couple of clicks and the aligned brightness, temperature and white balance are already set. There is no need to spend hours struggling with the “sliders” in the settings and choosing the appropriate filters. When changing the style of the tape, you can also select the desired preset: at the moment there are many free standard databases and paid unique applications and sites for selecting the required preset.

The advantage of presets:

Reduced time for processing photos

Uniform ribbon style

Simplified editing process

The ability to sell your own unique presets


Disadvantages of presets:

Monotony of the tape, if you do not alternate and change some settings

Lack of uniqueness, since most tapes are created using presets

But it is worth remembering that even from a ready-made preset, you can make your own unique one, if you correctly “conjure” over the settings. Visual plays an important role in the development of your own blog, since it first attracts the eye of subscribers, and only then the content of the post under a beautiful, harmonious and vibrant photo.

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