Stretching: The Secret To Successful Strength Training - Newsletter

Stretching: The Secret To Successful Strength Training - Newsletter
Stretching: The Secret To Successful Strength Training - Newsletter
Video: Stretching: The Secret To Successful Strength Training - Newsletter
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The key to the effectiveness of any workout is the structuredness of physical activity and an understanding of the processes occurring in the body during it. How to make your workout as productive as possible? Milena Milachich, a blogger, leading coach of TOPSTRETCHING stretching studios, master of sports of Russia in rhythmic gymnastics, an expert in twine stretching, will answer this question and share the secret of the most underestimated stage of physical activity by many athletes.


“I have created an ideal training schedule and structure for myself: I train 3 times a week. My workout routine includes TRX exercises, muscle pumping with fitness bands. Various kinds of cardio and stretching are my best friends now,”says Milena about her workouts.

The structure of a correct workout

An ideal workout consists of four steps:

Warm up

A pre-workout warm-up is an integral part of it, which prepares muscles and joints for physical activity and reduces the risk of injury.

Cardio load

The goal of cardio training is to engage different muscle groups and ensure that your body uses up more oxygen. Its benefit lies in the fact that a large number of repetitions of one exercise is performed, which makes it possible, with less stress, to improve the work of the muscles of the heart and lungs. As a result, the metabolism (metabolism) in the human body is accelerated.

Directional training

We focus on a certain muscle group and are engaged in pumping it. For example: legs / buttocks / abs, or arms / shoulders / back.


Stretching at the end of strength training is the most overlooked part of a sport. Let's take a closer look at this part.


What is stretching and why is it so important?

Stretching is a set of exercises aimed at pumping up the muscle corset, developing tendons, ligaments and joints and correctly stretching all muscles, which allows them to give them a beautiful relief and improve the quality of the body.

Stretching relaxes the muscles, so it should be done at the end of your workout.

The benefits of this kind of stretching are enormous, because it allows you to increase the result of strength training by 10%.

The physics is simple: muscles contract during exercise. After training, the muscles remain compressed for a while. The subsequent restoration of muscle length is called rest. Until the muscles return to their previous state, do not restore their length, the brain does not perceive them as rested. Lack of stretching after training delays the recovery process and slows down the growth of results. A nice bonus is that it prevents muscle stiffness and pains to a minimum.

In addition, stretching also:

increases the flexibility of the body: muscles, ligaments and joints (without the risk of injury)

straightens posture

improves the condition of muscle fibers, makes them fit

improves blood circulation

saturates the brain with oxygen

improves the mobility of the spine

improves the outflow of lymph, prevents fluid from stagnating in body tissues

prevents the deposition of salts in the body

promotes the production of growth hormone


How many useful properties and functions are hidden in the usual stretching after strength training. Don't neglect this helpful, final step, which only takes 10 minutes. Regular adherence to this little rule will not only get rid of muscle pain, but also increase the effectiveness of physical activity.

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