Bigger Is Not Better: How Not To Overdo It In Personal Care - Newsletter

Bigger Is Not Better: How Not To Overdo It In Personal Care - Newsletter
Bigger Is Not Better: How Not To Overdo It In Personal Care - Newsletter
Video: Bigger Is Not Better: How Not To Overdo It In Personal Care - Newsletter
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Any area of ​​life requires a moderate and reasonable approach. The sun's rays activate vitamin D, but a large amount can lead to early skin aging and the development of cancer. Facial skin care follows the same principle. Arina Kiseleva, a dermatologist and cosmetologist of the CIDC network of clinics, will tell you more about how not to overdo it in facial care.


“Excessive facial care can have the opposite effect: dryness, inflammation and skin become more sensitive. As a result, consumers blame manufacturers and specialists for the fact that the selected products are not suitable for them,”says a specialist at TsIDK.

Excessive hygiene

Currently, the water from the water utility is hard, if there are no special water-purifying filters. In this regard, with its frequent exposure to the skin, the protective layer of the epidermis is disturbed, and in combination with a large amount of detergents, which contain aggressive components, dehydration occurs, dryness appears and irritation can occur. Instead of frequent use of soap products, it is recommended to use body oils that contain phytosterols that have a beneficial effect on the skin. For example, shea butter makes it soft and smooth and non-irritating with frequent use.


Onset of infection

Daily shaving can create micro-damage that can lead to infections and serious consequences. Therefore, an alternative is to choose depilation from a qualified specialist who will select the required type, photo or laser, and prescribe home care. In addition, the effect will last much longer than after a regular shave.

Also, we often try to moisturize our skin abundantly, relieving it of dryness and breakouts, but using products with excessive amounts of lipids can lead to clogging and even larger breakouts.

"Healing" problems

In the presence of inflammatory elements and a desire to get rid of them as soon as possible, many try to use all the means for the care and treatment of the skin of the face at once, forgetting about the stages and interaction when applying the funds.


Some members of the fair sex like to apply a nourishing cream, then a base under the eyeshadow, eyeliner and “dessert” fixer to preserve makeup. Under such a layer of funds, the already very delicate and thin skin of the eyelids can become even more thinner and begin to peel off, bringing painful sensations.


Scrubbing the skin is great for getting rid of dead skin particles, restoring a radiant look. But with daily use, the skin's barrier balance is destroyed, resulting in a dry face. And with frequent use of products with acids, it is possible to destroy not only the protective layer of the epidermis, but also to activate the spread of inflammation on the face.

The skin of the face is a “showcase” of our appearance, which should please not only ourselves, but also those around us. For any problem that arises, you should not engage in diligent self-medication, but it is better to seek help from a qualified specialist who will prescribe individual care and select the necessary procedures based on the type of skin.

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