TOP-5 Mistakes In Posing By Yana Leventseva - Newsletter

TOP-5 Mistakes In Posing By Yana Leventseva - Newsletter
TOP-5 Mistakes In Posing By Yana Leventseva - Newsletter
Video: TOP-5 Mistakes In Posing By Yana Leventseva - Newsletter
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Representatives of the fair sex love to indulge their pride with beautiful photographs, but it should be borne in mind that the final result does not always depend on makeup, hairstyle and clothes. The main part of the job of professional models is to pose correctly, which will give your photos a special shine and grace. The top travel blogger in Russia, art photographer, businesswoman, makeup artist and author of numerous information products Yana Leventseva will tell you more about the main mistakes in posing, which can ruin even the most beautiful image.


“Who ever looked at themselves in the mirror and admired the reflection? And after the sound of the camera shutter sounded and it was time to watch the result, disappointment arose: from somewhere a second chin came from, the hips and arms became more massive than in ordinary life, and the body became not harmonious and out of proportion. In this case, the location, the image and the photographer do not play the main role, because even an ordinary selfie can be perfect. If, while posing, you start to feel embarrassed and embarrassed where to put your hands or feet, then most likely the picture will turn out to be unsuccessful,”says Yana.

Mistake # 1: posture

When posing for a photograph, a stooped posture visually shortens the neck, and several kilograms are immediately added to the waist. In addition, every girl should make sure that her posture is even in order to appear more feminine and sophisticated.

Tip: in order to avoid distortions due to a hunched back, it is worth bringing the shoulder blades together, slightly bending at the waist, and straightening the back, slightly turning the body into a semi-profile.


Mistake # 2: housing

The shoulders can become narrower and the waist wider than they actually are if the top of the body is pushed away from the camera lens. And with a straight posture, the body becomes more massive and not harmonious. Also, do not forget about your arms: do not press them close to the body or cross them on your chest.

Tip: the best solution when posing is to rotate the body by three quarters, the chest becomes larger and more sensual, and the waist is thinner.

Mistake # 3: chin and neck

When posing, one should not forget about the neck, as it makes the body more refined. Do not tilt your head forward, as your gaze becomes rough and heavy, and if you lift your chin too much, your face will become sharp, moreover, your nostrils will get into the frame, which will not really decorate the picture.

Tip: it is worth slightly pushing the body and head forward, the neck will become thinner, and the whole image will be more harmonious and toned.

Mistake # 4: hands

Most often, those who rarely try on the role of a model, when posing, do not know what to do with their hands: in the pictures they can turn out to be more massive than they really are. The main mistake is that they are pressed either to the body or to the chest, crossing them.

Tip: you can put your hands in your pocket without hiding your thumbs. Or bend your arm at the elbow at an angle of 90 degrees, lower the other along the waist. It is also a great option if you take something in your hand, such as a glass of coffee or a phone.


Mistake # 5: breathing

Many girls, due to excitement in front of the camera lens, become in a stupor, freeze and hold their breath, which spoils the frame. When you hold your breath, the gaze loses its naturalness and becomes glassy, ​​and the image looks like a lifeless sculpture.

Tip: in order to make the frame natural, you should not look directly into the camera, and it is recommended to open your lips a little, trying to breathe slightly through your mouth, which will add sensitivity and sexuality to the picture.

When posing, you should not try to copy shots of professional models, as you can lose your individuality, but it is still worth listening to the main advice in order to improve the frame and become a harmonious part of it.

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