Leather Skirt - From Loincloth To Fashion Garment - Fashion ABC

Leather Skirt - From Loincloth To Fashion Garment - Fashion ABC
Leather Skirt - From Loincloth To Fashion Garment - Fashion ABC
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The skirt is an amazing piece of women's wardrobe. She entered the life of a modern woman so long ago that many no longer remember her story. However, the merits of this garment can hardly be overestimated. In the modern world of fashion, women's skirt is made of various materials, of which leather models are especially fond of the fair sex.

Manufacturers of women's clothing have appreciated the advantages of this type of material and today there is a huge number of models and styles for the choice of customers. Let's take a look at the history of the ascent of the skirt to the fashionable Olympus. And today models of the Russian brand Riva will serve as stylish examples.

RIVA leather skirts
RIVA leather skirts

Why a leather skirt? Real fashionistas understand what power lies in this wardrobe item. But the history of the leather skirt began only as a piece of underwear.

Our ancestors began to make leather clothes during the Paleolithic era, and the first skirts appeared in ancient Egypt in the wardrobe of men and women. They were fastened at the waist with a cord. Skirts served as underwear, an apron was worn on top.

Over the next centuries, the leather skirt did not enjoy the great love of women, until in the 70s of the 20th century it became fashionable. Ultra-short models were wildly popular, although traditional skirts have not completely disappeared.

Celebrities, as well as models, stunned the audience with their looks using leather skirts. In the 80s, artists such as Madonna and members of The Spice Girls appeared in bright looks, where the leather skirt was often a bright accent.

In the 90s, the length of the skirt increased, and the status of a piece of clothing from glamorous to everyday and business. The most relevant was the pencil skirt, which, thanks to its slender contours, emphasized the new status of a woman - business, confident and stylish.

RIVA leather skirts
RIVA leather skirts

In the 2000s, celebrities began to wear leather skirts again, but their image changed radically. Designers had to re-examine the tastes and habits of modern women in order to offer something fashionable and in demand. Every segment of the market today has its own stellar models that are recognized by women. For example, the Russian brand Riv released several models at once with different lengths, styles and even colors, and each season supplements the collection with a model in a new color or style.

If you are also ready to create your own fashionable image with this garment, use our recommendations.

Wearing a leather skirt in the office is best with blouses or shirts combined with high boots or high heels. At the same time, it is better to avoid excessive kaleidoscopicity of the image and give preference to plain fabrics of blouses and simple geometric prints. You can also add layering to your look by wearing a sweater or knitted crop top over your shirt. However, based on the color of the leather skirt, it is best to use no more than 2 shades in addition to it, including accessories and shoes.

RIVA leather skirts
RIVA leather skirts

For a casual, relaxed look, a leather skirt can be worn with a turtleneck, oversized sweater, or brightly colored shirt. You can diversify your looks for every day with bright, trendy accessories. And, of course, you should get warm tight tights for the cool season.

In any case, no matter what image you choose, when purchasing a leather skirt, it is important to pay attention to the quality of its tailoring. After all, such a wardrobe item attracts attention, like its owner. That is why we recommend you the products of the Russian brand Riva.

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