Professional And Modern Approach To Wardrobe Renewal - Fashion ABC

Professional And Modern Approach To Wardrobe Renewal - Fashion ABC
Professional And Modern Approach To Wardrobe Renewal - Fashion ABC

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The best investment for a woman is an investment in herself, the one and only. Yes, of course, trips to beauty salons and shops in search of your ideal image take a considerable amount of time, but the transformations that the mirror says about will compensate for everything in full.

But still, there is a way by which, after spending a minimum of time, you can work as productively as possible on your new style. A unique online store "PurchaseLux" will become a real find for a woman. The store presents outerwear from leading manufacturers in Italy, Germany and Finland.

The assortment is striking in its variety of options for jackets, ponchos, down jackets and coats. With such a decent choice, it is not difficult to get confused!

Taking into account all the questions women have before buying clothes, a section of professional blogs was created on the website of the PokupkaLux store, where you can get information about new trends in the fashion world and get valuable advice from leading stylists. In addition, it is here that each presented European brand is described starting from the year of production foundation and ending with the latest news about the released collections.

To look at things differently, you need to know a little more about them than we are used to. For example, from the blog of the famous fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev, it becomes clear how and when a coat appeared, how it was modified during a rapid change in fashion trends, as well as about modern fabrics for tailoring: “If we talk about fashion for fabrics for coats, then besides thick woolen fabrics such as woolen drape or broadcloth, used traditionally, suit fabrics such as tweed or bouclé are in vogue today. This is just a short excerpt from an article specially written by the fashion and style pros for PurchaseLux. Alexander Vasiliev shares with women the secrets of choosing a coat - he talks about how many coats are better to have in your wardrobe, who should choose which cut and what to choose,if the coat is planned to be the only one in the wardrobe.

Following the rules, a woman will not make a mistake, and taking into account all the features of the proportions of her body, in the future, she will easily compose her ideal image on her own.

Do not also underestimate the color of the chosen model. Sometimes it is the color that will play a decisive role in the entire appearance of a lady. How do colors affect a particular shape? How to turn flaws into advantages with the help of color? Stylist-image-maker, teacher of courses in the field of image and style Katerina Maslova tells about this and many other things in her blog. In his article "Colors of slenderness or how a woman of appetizing forms to choose a jacket for the summer", the stylist describes in detail several models of jackets presented in the online store "PurchaseLux". Gives honest estimates, and offers the best, in her opinion, options for the summer. This is a great opportunity to gain knowledge that will help you find the right guidelines when shopping for clothes.

How to choose and combine a print correctly - we will find out the answer from Irina Kamelyanova, a professional stylist-image-maker and fashion-journalist. An interesting article will become a lifesaver for those who doubt which print to give their preference to.

Young and creative stylists, full of ideas and innovation, trusting their recommendations, you can be not only dressed well and warmly, but also stylish! Famous, young and modern audience, star image maker, TV presenter, actress and fashion blogger Sasha Podelskaya, knows absolutely everything about modern fashion! And she is happy to share her knowledge in the field of fashion with women and girls who want to buy a new thing. Realizing all the difficulty in choosing clothes for women whose shapes are far from model ones, Sasha tells on his blog how to choose a coat for a plus size (48-54). The fashion blogger advises not to stop your choice on overly loose-fitting clothes, but pay attention to the details with the utmost care. After all, it is the details that are able to concentrate the main attention on themselves, thereby overshadowing the woman's so embarrassing dimensions.Alexandra, being the TV presenter of the popular program "", loves to visualize her advice, and therefore decided to choose more suitable models for "plus size", the photos of which are posted on her blog. Thanks to an illustrative example, it will be easier for girls to navigate when choosing outerwear, and possibly change their taste and look at themselves differently from the outside.

Personal shopper, image stylist and fashion blogger Lilith Weishter talks about coat silhouettes that never go out of style. Talking about the coat as the most recognized and status element of the wardrobe.

The PokupkaLux online store is not exclusively focused on the female audience. For men who prefer to follow fashion trends, there are ideal models of demi-season jackets, coats, pea coats and much more. A fashion blogger in his article "Top 5 Fashion Trends for Men" talks about men's raincoats, bomber jacket, pea jacket, classic coat. Which outerwear with fur dressing will be most suitable for a respectable man, and which one will be a find for a young active young man - we learn from a pro blog.

The PokupkaLux online store is a great opportunity to make the right choice, not only in line with fashion trends, but also to find a model of outerwear that is ideal for you.

And if you have not found the answer to the fashionable question that worries you, feel free to ask the topic for new consultations in the comments to your favorite blog. And stylists-image makers will definitely help you make the right choice.

Enjoy the shopping!

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