Fashionable Travel From The Country Of Exclusive Handbags - Fashion ABC

Fashionable Travel From The Country Of Exclusive Handbags - Fashion ABC
Fashionable Travel From The Country Of Exclusive Handbags - Fashion ABC
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Antique music box, having wound up which, you can hear the movement of brushes on canvas made of leather, and the clatter of working sewing machines.

Such associations arise when they come to the showroom of the famous Russian company of exclusive handmade leather bags Ante Kovac.

All the magic of Ante Kovac's creativity opens up in the backstage of the showroom. The interior is completely designed in retro style. The illusion of being in another reality is created … A reality where its own rules and traditions reign. Surreal forms of bag racks, and whimsical furniture - every detail is coordinated with all the presented collections. The atmosphere is creative, full of ideas and creativity. As if Antoni Gaudí himself gave the idea for the design of the hall. Since the founding of the Ante Kovas brand, more than 20 collections of bags have been created, of various shapes and themes. All of them coexist perfectly in one space, because they have a single priority style and quality. The studio is colored with shades that breathe in unison with the products and their creators. The interior designers tried to convey the character of each presented model, and they did it very well.In such an environment, they begin to unconsciously come up with their own ideas for future collections of bags. In addition, for creative buyers there is an opportunity to order a bag of your own design.

Ante Kovás showroom is furnished like a workshop, where work never stops. Tables, ottomans and chairs, like parts of one mechanism, are also participants in the whole action. There is an unrivaled experience and professionalism in everything.

Accessories have been selected with soul and meaning, which bring the entire design style to unity. The light warmly illuminates the sketches, shadowing the distant shelves of the “Van Ghog” collection. Depicting the grace and grandeur of the Nikas Safronov Luxary bags catch on themselves the bright reflections of forged antique plafonds. Since the products are made of genuine leather and painted by hand, they still retain the smell of paints and the warmth of hands. The walls of the hall are decorated with authors and masterminds of works. Here, as in a theater, you want to speak more quietly, but you can hardly hear your steps, looking at the collections that are smoothly replacing each other. Absolutely any taste preferences in art are provided, and therefore everyone is destined to find their favorite bag here.

You can visit the Ante Kovac showroom from 10-00 to 20-00, on weekdays. Or on weekends by appointment by phone + 7-903-589-7-555 or +7 495 789-75-55.

Showroom address in Moscow: 1st Krasnoselsky lane, 3

Residents of the regions can easily choose and order their favorite product on the official website of the workshop.

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