A Unique Summer At Crocs: How To Live This Little Life - Crocs

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A Unique Summer At Crocs: How To Live This Little Life - Crocs
A Unique Summer At Crocs: How To Live This Little Life - Crocs
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Summer 2020 is a special adventure that requires a lot of imagination! In order to spend this time beautifully, variedly and with pleasure, you will have to approach the issue of summer entertainment in a new way. The favorite scheme of “planting, tomato juice and a long-awaited voyage to a new country” is still out of reach, but this does not mean that this summer cannot be rich and memorable. The Crocs brand offers summer leisure ideas and stylish looks to match.

Safari style picnic

Who said that a date with wildlife and bright colors is possible only in a national park with exotic animals? A themed picnic in one of the city's parks can be easily turned into a memorable adventure. Shakira's songs on the playlist, pets on the guest list, tropical fruits in your "meadow", animal prints and bright colors in the dress code will create the mood of a real safari. A lightweight jumpsuit or a flowy floral dress will go well with bright Tulum sandals, which you can easily wear all day long. Don't forget the trademark of any safari - the wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and Congo earrings. Think in advance of stylish picnic accessories - a basket, photogenic tableware and decor.

Boarding board

Leisurely water entertainment is gaining popularity and its name is SUPboard! A meditative river rafting or a career with birdsong and water splashes is a great way to reboot after a hard work week. Pull your favorite bright swimsuit out of the closet and match the classic Crocs flip flops or clogs that will not slip on the wet surface of the pad.

Date at the auto cinema

If you've missed the last row of kisses and the big screen, it's time to discover the auto cinema. The popular American film viewing format is actively developing in Russia, and now hot popcorn delivered directly to the car is our new reality! Even though the sessions take place under cover of night, do not deny yourself the pleasure of dressing up for a date. Choose a skirt or dress, throw your favorite denim over your shoulders and feel at your best with Brooklyn platform sandals. In them, you will be confident in yourself in any situation, even if the session is followed by a walk under the moonlight.

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